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Hey folks, I try fo figure out an ACE glitch, or something similar to that. It's a GBC game and glitchy af. I found a way to go out of map and trigger stuff there. While the player is in an unexpected position, as the display is, it may be possible to trigger a wrong execution.

For real, I just have no idea where to start the researches. Since I haven't understood ACE 100%. Can someone explain it, or give me some hints where to start? I use BGB Emulator for debug and Ghidra for decompile, and I'm familiar with Reverse Engineering in general.


Just FYI, I figured it out. With the help of BGB I was able to struggling through the assembly. To answer my question: I started at stuff I'm able to execute. I searched the point where the magic happens and then traced around the addresses. So, at some point you will find limitations. You should try to break them with the expanded area (or what else) and study it's ASM code.

With this, and a bit of ingame time under this terms, I found a way to use ACE - but still have to discover the possible use cases 🙂 If you try the same: GLHF!

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