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Get asked this a lot lol. However when I was first starting as a new runner I thought of my name as people kept asking if i was british in my streams so I thought up a few names but also wanted to specify that I like doing speedruns too within the name so thats how I came up with "TheBritishRunner".


Collectively as a whole I have accomplished more on consoles than anyone, score wise and individual, if losers and cheaters like Billy Mitchell can claim player of the century, since I have done thousands to his two records IF he ever had any. I decided to call myself the consoleplayerofthecentury And hope to make that mark In speed runs in some form.


I took a meme and reversed it. EZ clap.

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I kinda just made mine up quickly with no thought, it kinda stuck with me.


My username means that i can complete spore civilization stage quickly (but i still not submited a civ stage run)


My username came from how old PC's had Y/N answers and I put a "O" and added "ally" I don't know how I got that one tbh


My online handle's a bit of English/Japanese wordplay. '10' being pronounced in English as 'ten', 'Shi' pronounced as it is, combines to 'tenshi' - Japanese for 'angel'.


mine is rather less sophisticated ! i just loved star wars so much that i choose this as my user-name 😃
i mean speed runs and star wars squeal goes very well together right ?


I made mine up while trying to think heavily on what username to use for my youtube channel and possibly will use shadowflare for maybe a new xbox live name


I'm trying to break into video editing, and my name is C. Kelly, so it came to be

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