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Collectively as a whole I have accomplished more on consoles than anyone, score wise and individual, if losers and cheaters like Billy Mitchell can claim player of the century, since I have done thousands to his two records IF he ever had any. I decided to call myself the consoleplayerofthecentury And hope to make that mark In speed runs in some form.


I took a meme and reversed it. EZ clap.

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I kinda just made mine up quickly with no thought, it kinda stuck with me.


My username means that i can complete spore civilization stage quickly (but i still not submited a civ stage run)


My username came from how old PC's had Y/N answers and I put a "O" and added "ally" I don't know how I got that one tbh


My online handle's a bit of English/Japanese wordplay. '10' being pronounced in English as 'ten', 'Shi' pronounced as it is, combines to 'tenshi' - Japanese for 'angel'.


mine is rather less sophisticated ! i just loved star wars so much that i choose this as my user-name 😃
i mean speed runs and star wars squeal goes very well together right ?


I made mine up while trying to think heavily on what username to use for my youtube channel and possibly will use shadowflare for maybe a new xbox live name


I'm trying to break into video editing, and my name is C. Kelly, so it came to be

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I just did my YouTube Channel Name


I guess I never answered this, but I thought I did. So here we go

When I was like 12-13-ish me and my friends grinded Black Ops 2 on the Xbox 360. We got pretty good and wanted to try and play competitive (the ranked mode mostly) so we thought of a "team name" we could use. We decided on DarQ for really no reason and we also all wanted to go by something with an M at the start, for no reason. So I went with "Massacres" because haha edgy 13 year old stuff and I carried it throughout gaming.

Recently I've changed a lot of my names on things to be "F8_DarQ" as none of my friends use the DarQ name anymore and I joined an esports team called "Figure 8" F8 for short. Haven't decided if I want to change my name on here yet to that or not, but I may someday.

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Wow! I used to play Growtopia back in 2015 and I used to watch this youtuber "v0ren" and well, the name Voltix just randomly came into my mind, but since I looked up to the youtuber and he was also from Lithuania. I made it with the 0. Well at first it was V0LTIXGT on youtube. Tho I stopped playing Growtopia a longgggg time ago so I just changed it to V0LTIX.


My user picture should be a pretty big hint.

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Being tired while making up a youtube name
so I just spelled YouTube out in name form....

Hugh Tahoob


On my first work lunch outing with my new group of work mates. We were ordering drinks, when the waitress got to me, took my order, and the colorfully speaking redneck gentleman of the group yelled, "can you put a it in a sippy cup?!" I brushed it off cause it was funny. Drinks arrive with appetizers. They were being passed around the table and the guy sitting beside me knocks my drink into his lap. Again, in triumphant happiness, the colorfully speaking redneck gentleman screamed, "SOMEONE GET THIS GUY A SIPPY CUP!" After that, it stuck. Added the numbers cause you know, it's not that original sadly.

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i was trying to come up with names and my friend came up with LiterallyMetaphorical as a joke. Then i shortened it to Meta because Literally Metaphorical doesnt fit for most sites 😛

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I went to America one day during a road trip. We went to this store called Walgreens. I thought the name was really funny, so I started swapping out "green" with other colours. I ended up choosing "Walgrey's" but dropped the 's to make the name easier to be typed and read.

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My username is Basically "Lor Starcutter" from the Wii game; Kirby's Return to Dream Land!


I think I was trying to come up with a fresh username around 2009 to break away from my old handle that I found to be kinda cringeworthy after a few years.

I got given a car magazine for christmas, reviewing the upcoming Pagani Zonda Cinque and I found the car kinda bonkers just reading the article and looking at the photos. I also liked the ring of the name so I decided to make my alias ‘Zonda,’ adding my birth year to my handle when I felt like it or when the word by itself was taken.

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My mother gave mine to me when I was a wee lad. (Is literally my first name)

I had a username for a while, HKboy, but I inherited it from someone elses runescape account, after my own account (Also Riekelt) got hacked.
I liked the name, but I didn't like the suffix boy. So I just went back. I'm sometimes thinking "what would my username be if my real name was as common as Kevin".

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