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From Game of thrones ! When daenerys say "DRACAAAAARYS" ---> ???


i wanted to change my name, and i wondering if it was possible to have only 1 letter so i tried ü, and it worked. i think i'm lucky.

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"Tran" and "Man" rhyme
I like sm64

  [user deleted]

This started a long time ago. My dad and one of his friends gave him a nickname because of an old song with a rubber duck in it. Then she (not my mom, his friend.) gave him a sticker that said "feelin' ducky?" And it's on the mirror at mom's. But when I met my dad's friend, I got the same treatment because I was just like him. They called me "Little Ducker" but I went with LittleDuck because it was more appropriate and sounded better. I don't know as much, would ask my dad's friend if we weren't quarentined.


i crushed komradekontroll down to this, soon it will just say "k"


its just my real name backwards lol, surprised it wasn't already taken


bepo is a cute name neko is a cute word and it rhymes c: bepo is from one piece


My favourite character from Lord of the Rings. No, he’s not in the films.


"SioN" is short from "Silent Onion" by taking first two letters of the words and "Silent Onion" became a thing when i was playing YGOPRO in 2016 and saw someone with the name "Onion" playing and i just liked it but i didnt want to "copy" his name so i put "Silent" in front of it because im a quiet guy


Don't think I posted in here since my name change a while back, I've named myself after Cassandra Pentaghast in Dragon Age


UbuntuJackson is my real name, I promise. 😉


I chose mine when I was 12-13 I think? Kept it for every online account I made since. It's the Japanese name of Rayquaza, one of my favorite Pokémon. I just think it sounds nice, and it's almost never taken!


qwerty -> qwerzy -> qwuzzy. My brain kinda just made it a few years ago and I've stuck with it. At least it's unique but streamers are never able to pronounce it.

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Snodeca -
Sno - snow. I love winter, I love snow, and I absolutely adore cold weather. It's also darker outside, and I'm a night owl, I absolutely prefer the night together with the cold weather. I find it extremely relaxing. I used to love romance too and I find snow and cold weather romantic, so with my previous love for romance it also played a role. I have since then ..."suffered" pain but it's extremely personal lol.

Deca - Math! I think it's "10" in Latin. It's not at all my favourite number, but it's the one that sounded the best. My favourite number at the time of creation was 122, which would likely be far too big to sound good. Now it's 58 which probably would still sound bad but (sno)deca sounds the best IMO. I love math quite a bit, and I thought I would integrate that in my username.

And then I combined the two and voila, Snodeca is born! I had a lot of other names before this one, but explaining all of them would be a bit dumb. I'm not planning on changing my username for a billionth time though lol.

@beponekobeponeko you forgot to say that neko means cat in Japanese 🙂 ( 猫, ねこ )

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Lil - I was little as in a midget (I'm kinda average height now)
Jap - I'm half-Japanese
Kid - I look young for my age (and have been known act it before too)
I've had this since I was 13-14. Also it just sounds nice together imo.


Old Willow is the name of a creature in one of my favorite game series Culdcept. It's a card/board game combined.

I started to use this name because Old Willow was my favorite creature when I started playing the PS2 version, and I started making content on twitch/youtube for the series as a whole.


I thought of something untaken at the time on youtube. I'm the first person to pick the name Greatermaxim. It fits my personality of games and has continued since then. Grandfathering information and/or multi accounting don't apply.


@SeydieSeydie welp here we go qewrkjvc



Get asked this a lot lol. However when I was first starting as a new runner I thought of my name as people kept asking if i was british in my streams so I thought up a few names but also wanted to specify that I like doing speedruns too within the name so thats how I came up with "TheBritishRunner".