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Pc is Polecats
Yeah the guys from the game FullThrottle
Jack Slater is the last action Hero
I like both and so i got a name in 90ies. Never changed it, cause there is no reason.



Back in high school, I got all my friends on an anagram kick. When I plugged my own name into the anagram finder, naturally I got a bunch of funny but meaningless results. Except one...

[Something] Warm Cabin.

Warm Cabin! That's, like, a reasonable phrase you might hear! And who doesn't wanna go visit a nice warm cabin!?
I went by [Something] Warm Cabin for years, until I decided to shorten it to warmCabin. Partly because it's more slick, and partly because it was my full name...

The weird capitalization is called "hump capitalization," and it's a programming thing--variable names usually get capitalized like this. It's also a Homestuck thing.

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I used "Ryan Cooper" few years ago (Main character from NFS: Prostreet). One day I wanted something more original so I cutted of "Ryan" and edited "Cooper" to "CoopeZz"...

Nice to meet you 🙂.


My username is in high school time when I find it during the mixing of the english-turkish dictionary. And I keep using it because I like the meaning of the word.


My name is really a inside joke and most people honestly don't know how to read it as the 2nd T is silent and the Z makes a zzzz sound not a lower case S sound. Though i do have other titles that i could have gone by though i figured that they would not have been suitable


I started to play a game and there was a character with the name broccoli that really stuck with me

so I'm now named after a vegetable


uh.... my name stands for "some idiot on the internet" and im very proud of it :'D


My previous username was “MisterSomeone13”. After realizing how overused “Mister” is in usernames(in my opinion, nothing wrong with that), I just replaced it with my name, removed the numbers at the end and that is how KevSomeone were born.


Krayzar is the name of an odd character I used to draw as a kid. The earliest drawing I have of him with the name written down is circa 1993. I was very ill for a good portion of my childhood and used to draw some rather creepy stuff. Presumably because I was pretty delirious... I hope. My wonderful MS Paint avatar is a low-fi version of what that character's face looked like.


@Komrade goddamnit, I can never top this level of shit post.

I needed a 7 character name, this worked well because I liked the word play


Since I am such an original guy (LUL) I just used my first name and put retro in front of it because I'm older and like old games. So I am literally "retroPatrick".


Can i update own social link on this forum?


If i updated socials, then is it harmful for my profile?


If i updated socials, then is it harmful for my profile?


I love letter "Z" and 28 is good luck for me. Wanted to use them in name one way or another 😃 I usually don't even have any ideas 😕


so 1st, the "Speedy" part comes from that the point of speedrunning is to go fast, and speedy has the same meaning so I put that there, 2nd the "Koopa" comes from that I like koopa troopas and that Koopa looked good with Speedy so that how I came up with my name.


My first name is Casey. There were 6 Casey's in my high school class. Whenever someone brought me up, it would always get the response, "Casey who?" And it stuck.


I like Mario games and 564 are random numbers, not very creative but I like it.