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I grew up watching Dragon Ball Z, and when the episodes featuring "The Great Saiyaman" aired, young me quickly thought it was an amazing idea to adopt the name as my own. Here we are over a decade and a half later.

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My name is youtubeman because some speedrunners I watch, like darbian, royLgamer, etc., they post their pbs to youtube. So if they display their chat and I say hi
they usually say Hi Youtube.

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ldk I just like cinnamon

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My name has its fair share of history. I started playing online games back in middle school with Roblox(emphasis on "middle school"). I created an account with a name that only a middle school kid could come up with, androidsoldier99. I thought it sounded cool at the time and the "99" was for my birth year, 1999. I also carried that over when I transitioned to playing Minecraft(also, in middle school). However, I noticed that people generally just called me "android" because it was shorter so i figured I might just use that instead. Thus, I shortened the name to "Android99" on my Steam account when I began playing Team Fortress. But then I realized, there's an entire brand named "Android", i don't want people to think I'm associated with them(Not that there's anything wrong with being associated with them. In fact, if I really were associated with them in any professional way, i'd probably be pretty well-off right now. Unfortunately, that's probably not going to happen any time soon).

And so, I tried to come up with a more original name for my internet presence(one of which was "SARCASM_INTENDED" but after using it for a while, I realized that I wasn't exactly as sarcastic as I thought when I came up with it so I scrapped it). Finally, I decided to stick with the whole "Sci-fi/robot/android" theme and thought of "Machination". Although, I realized after the fact that it doesn't really have much to do with robots, despite having a similar root with Machine("Machination" actually means a plot or a ruse with ill intent), but I still think it sounds cool so I'll probably be keeping it for a while.

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In 2014 I wanted a new username. So of course I happened to be really into anime at the time, like a lot more than I am now as just a casual show watcher. One day, I googled "japanese names" and ended up on a list of them. It was really big, and I scrolled and scrolled until I found Sayuri, and I really liked the sound of it and its meaning (flower? can't remember).

Look, Sayuri is way better than 3030sonic Keepo

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I just made it up randomly.

I don't even like chicken nuggets that much.

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When I was 4 I was diagnosed with a rare condition called paintophobia. It's a rare condition that affects every one in a million people. Paintophobia has ruined my life. Every time I look at a wall I feel sick and dizzy. Every time a 'wet paint' sign is visible, I want to vomit. My name is taken from my rare condition. God bless the souls who live with paintophobia.

In all seriousness, I wanted a new nickname (my old one was embarrassing, to say the least), went on a 'random thing generator' or something and 'pontophobia' came up, I thought it was pretty funny so I tweaked it a bit, to 'paintophobia' and then kept it. It was also kinda related to splatoon, which at the time was probably my favourite game.

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It's literally my name, lol. Every other username I usually end up picking is something that came from the top of my head.

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Back when I was making a YouTube account in 2012, I really wanted to get across that I played any kind of game. "Omnis" is latin for all, hence the "omni" prefix in English.
So I did OmnisGamer, and it was fine. Later, I found out that there was a (rather nice) YouTuber named "OmniGamer"

So after thinking about it, I was thinking about what I could do with my username to make it better... Well, if I add an E between "Omnis" and "Gamer", then it'll spell out "sega" in the middle of the name. "Omnisegamer" - "Omni sega mer".
I also changed it to "Omnisegaming" because that rolled off the tongue a bit easier and it was a bigger difference between "OmniGamer".

Going into 2016, I was growing up and was online a lot more and finally realized that having the "Gamer/Gaming" suffix is super canny and dumb (no offense if you've got that suffix), and just removed it, but kept the E so I'm not just a verbatim dictionary word, so then it was "Omnise".

Funny thing about making my name "Omnise", no one knew how to say it phonetically. When it was "OmnisGamer", no problems, it's just "Ah-m-niis". But with an E at the end, OOF, we've got a problem.
Some people still said "Ah-m-niis", but I was getting a lot of "Ah-m-nees", sometimes a "Ah-m-naiss", and the occasional "Oh-m-niss" (which I still don't understand).
So to fix this confusion, I figured that putting an extra S at the end would work, and further help distance my name from similar names. "Omnises"
BONUS: When people pronounce my name in either fashion, "Ah-m-niis" or "Ah-m-nees", the plural of those names both sound pretty rad.
"Ah-m-niis-es" or "Ah-m-nees-es". The former sounds like a scientific phenomena while the latter sounds like a medical problem.

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I'm gonna write here again since I changed my username:

I am a huge Spider-Man fan. That is where the "Spider" part came from. And "Hako" is just a word I made up that is close to my real name.

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Julz has always been my nickname from friends and family. I also use 'Jluz' because my friend misspelled Julz and the name stuck. Julz is always my first username choice, though.

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YouTube name, but I just needed to quickly make it because I was about to go.

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Funny story, actually, since my name has gone through quite a bit.

My first name is Christian, and originally I was on YouTube under my real first and last name. I later made a Twitch account under the name ChristianTheComposer, since I'm a composer as well as a gamer.

I played a lot on the Wii a few years back and was trying to type Chris and accidentally typed an X instead of S, thus Chrix was born. That evolved into ChrixTheGamer at some point. But when I started speedrunning, for some reason I decided to update to Kryx (still pronounced the same) and the name became KryxedOff (pronounced similarly to "pssd off).

Later I decided I didn't like that name anymore and went back to using ChrixTheGamer. I later renamed it ChrixIAm (Chrix-I-Am), which eventually evolved to Chrixiam (essentially Christian but with X instead of ST and M instead of N).

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Mine comes from my background as a 3d modeler. I always aimed to work in the games industry so I compulsively made low polygonal models out of all my school projects. That way they could theoretically run in a game engine. People ended up calling me Low Poly, I added the Freak for fun and it stuck 🙂

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My username was first used on poptropica. A game for kids. 2007? 2008? Something like that. I had zero idea what name I wanted but believe it or not, I subconsciously entered the name chryoyo. Without thought, without hesitation. For some reason, I was happy with that. It wasn't until years later that I realized why I choose that name. It fits me perfectly. It's painful to think about the number of things it symbolizes. The more I looked at it the more I realized and the more I cried. I could honestly write a book about this name. Though I doubt anyone would be interested, and it's rather personal. My name has been a mystery to all my friends. Many have tried to decipher the name but few come out with the correct answers.

The only thing everyone knows is that chry is my depression and my real name christian. That's half the name, but not half the reason. Though I'll keep you there to ponder I guess since as I stated earlier, I'd prefer it to remain a secret. I'd be so happy if anyone found out everything though.

This is perhaps the most personal thing I've written on the site and I don't think I could reveal more about who I am than this. It was oddly very relaxing to type out. It made me cry a little but, it was fun. Until next time, keep yoyoing gamers! 😊 BYE!

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