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I was about 10 years old when I got a high score in some random flash game and somehow came up with "skybomb." Then when i tried to use it on some other website, it was taken and recommended kingskybomber14, which is what I've used for the past 7 years or so (wow its been a while). Though I've lately been moving away from it, because its incredibly annoying to say and it just sounds kinda off. I keep using this one though, partially out of habit and partially so I dont have to guess what username I used when i made an account.

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From my name it's an anagram of Ale from Alex and Evans. The two E's merged into one.


I mean I have gone by zeo259 for the past 11 years of my time on the internet so I decided to shorten it to zeo when signing up for the site.


They call me The Munch because I like my food :3

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I used a different name online for so long it was even my old youtube name it was a mixture of my first and last name. I just wanted a different name and I love watermelon so yeah simple not unique but yummy 😃 always makes me think of watermelon which makes me happy. 😃

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Mine is from a Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode where in Pearl wanted a delirious Brain Guy to bring Mike Nelson to her, saying "BRING MIKE DOWN HERE", resulting in Brain Guy summoning a CPA named Mike Down.

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Where i can change my username?

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@HiddenProject Click your username in the top right-Settings-Username and change


Despite many people thinking otherwise for the letters of AMV - they are initials of a friend I used to game with a lot some years ago. Unfortunately they passed away quite abruptly and a short time later I was making an account for a new game system and decided on their initials to remind me of them whenever I game.

The 'X' part is only because Twitch demanded a minimum of four letters on their accounts.

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well Pac, judging off the name and picture I assumed it came from Pac-Man, guess I was wrong

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I got my name from this song:

Apparently twitch doesn't allow victrola, I think because it's a trademark, so I had to change it to vicktrolla.


honestly i have no idea, but after researching my name Blake i found it means son of lake apperently, so AquaBlake Makes sence i guess xD


I'm not too great at names, but this one has its roots in RuneScape. My account name on it is Ancient Drew, and I support Zaros in this game. Being a god of dark order, he has his own spellbook with its own elements, including ice which just happens to be one of my absolute favourite things.


I forgot the origin of my username

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I forgot the origin of my username

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Back in 2008, I was trying to figure out what to use as an Xbox Live Gamertag. With the help of my brother who was good at names, I named myself Plywood Cow after the plywood cow in Team Fortress 2's map 2Fort. The name stuck and later on I shortened it to Plywood.


I was looking for a new Nick, many years ago, because my old Nick was to short for some sites and it was lame af. I liked Zelda and came with ZeldaFreak. The big Z and F is important and whenever possible, i chose this exact nick. When I created Accounts on Sites that has a worldwide community, I relized that this idea was not new but I never found this exact writing of my nick.
I added some numbers and the first variation was ZeldaFreak007 but I shorted it to ZeldaFreak00 and with YouTube/Google i got 0ZeldaFreak.

On my PS3, i accidentally typed ZelaFreak and didn't realized it. Whats funny is that i met someone IRL and he had inside is nick the word "darck", instead of "dark" and he didn't realized it to.


It actually started from a Joint account between my friend and myself. I was playing a lot of Nightmare in Soul Calibur and he was watching a lot of Outlaw Star. Thus, OutlawNightmare was born WAAAAY back on the OG Xbox live.