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I am loving reading all of these. I don't know why, but it makes all of you seem just a little more human, hearing how all these names came about. Sometimes I forget how big and complex this world really is, but it's fun hearing all the events that went into forming these titles. In short, mine is the derby name the skaters gave me when I first started reffing roller derby.

In long, I honestly can't remember what possessed me to join derby. I'd like to say that I was so fed up with all these petty fears I had in my life that I decided to do something that really scared me, but the truth is likely much less heroic. At first, I was just the clipboard guy who kept track of the stats; I didn't think anyone really noticed me, but after one practice, someone was having this birthday dinner, and they invited me out. It was completely weird because although we shared the same rink, I always felt like I was in a different world from the rest of them. It was sometime during this particular birthday dinner that they unanimously decided that I needed a derby name like the rest of them. I never really felt like one of them, so this was also completely weird. I happened to be reading a book at the time that was third or fourth in a series by Dean Koontz featuring a character called "Odd Thomas" that I've always admired for his humility. They all agreed that "odd" was more or less the perfect description, and "Odd Thomas" was fairly quickly shortened to "oddtom".

I've actually made people call me by nicknames for as long as I can remember; even before the internet was a thing, if you can imagine that. I've never really liked the sound of my real name and nobody ever spells it right anyway, so nicknames are kind of a natural compromise. I got the idea from a book called "Stargirl" that I read back in the Cretaceous Era. The main character always made people call her some nickname instead of her real name, and I liked that idea. For about a year after that, I made everyone call me "leaf" instead of my actual name because it reminded me of my favorite care-bear (the green one). It was nice that the internet allowed us to make up our own monikers. I was "Helloinator" through the Half-Life and Warcraft II era and I was "abmjotto" through the Starcraft era. I played all of those games multiplayer online basically all the time when they were big, so if you played any of those games for any significant amount of time, there's a decent chance we played with or against each other. I picked up "Sesamehoneytart" in college and it's still my Wikipedia and DeviantArt name, but anything "Oddtom" is within the last three years.

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Use to do stand-up comedy. Thought about possibly doing a podcast. Came up with a name for it. Never did the podcast. Quit doing comedy. Held on to the name in case it seemed appropriate again.

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You should do the podcast. (Unless there was a good reason you quit comedy besides being too busy.)


Well. My two favorite games were Uncharted and Spooky's House of Jumpscares. I love Spooky and Nathan Drake was an adventurer. So I became Spooky's Adventurer. ¤throws confetti¤

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such wholesome origin stories, we should all get our own netflix shows

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@oddtom Lack of interest and because music is easier, funner, and the gigs pay.

@Tron_Javolta I think I got a name for mine.

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Well, ConkyJoe is an old childhood nickname my Dad called me (and still does sometimes). Absolutely NO idea where he came up with that, as my name isn't Joe, it's Jonn haha. But I like it and it stuck. 89 is my birth year, sure that much is obvious though. Lol

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around 2012 or so I got sick of the username I made when I was 12 so I decided to name myself something that if you googled it, you would find a bunch of stuff that wasn't me.... I decided to go with the model number of a really shitty router...

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Heihachi Mishima's Wife's name with an N

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Scootch was the nickname my parents called me when I was little. It actually came from a kids TV show. So when I was thinking about what my gamer tag would be, I just picked my childhood nickname. 🙂

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My name is Jan (It's apparently German), and I'm a man. That is it.

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I used to go by KlashikEggzampal, inspired by the Hilltop Hoods and Pharoahe Monch song, and then I shortened it when streamers were struggling to read my name in chat.


I am both a Spider-Man and SpongeBob fan and I had many name ideas and this was the best option.

  [user deleted]

My name came from a meme called...
Malleo. I wanted to make my name something different than Mario so I used Malleo, the meme Mario, instead. And, that's why my name is SUPERMALLEO. I have super in it because it's probably too short if it was just MALLEO. Also, Mario has been called Super Mario, in a lot of games, and, he's also super! Now, that creates the name: SUPERMALLEO.

Interesting how I said that it crafts or creates the name.


I'd really like to know if you're going to finish that croissant though


When I was a kid, I pretended to make let's plays on my own while sitting in the living room. Didn't record, just sat there and talked to my "viewers" about the game. It literally came from nothing, but I started saying "What's up guys, it's SixRockFire here, and today...". First time I actually used the account name was in Ninja Kiwi in like 2012 I think. I made my twitch account in July 2014, and as I found interest in speedrunning in late 2015, people just started calling me SixRock, so I started hating the "Fire". I'm still SixRockFire everywhere else, but changing it here was the step I was willing to take.

----talk about a cringey way to get a username----


Church is my last name and NEOH stands for Northeast Ohio. Pretty simple 🙂


I liked WWE when i was 6-9. My first incarnation of my username was Paulista from the similarly named wrestler.

Thank fuck I made that slight tweak. Makes it slightly more official tbh