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Got mine from a website i used to frequent when i was a cringy preteen called retrouprising

basically they hosted (legally i might add) all retro games from various nintendo consoles to sega consoles to turbo graphix et al

really awesome site that unfortunately seems to have mostly died, in part because time makes fools of us all, and because a lack of funding i supposed. As of today its still up and running but it only works on internet explorer. If i wasnt so (and one of these days when im hopefully not) so broke and stupid with my money i want to surprise them with a big chunk of change to overhaul the place.

And thats why ill always be a Retro Upriser 🙂


how do you legally host game roms 😃?

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go find out, not sure


Go to edit profile, then press “Account and Security” You will find out how to change your name there.