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i chose my username because it was the best one I could think up that was fnaf related and contained my favorite animal

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the actual story of "kai." name, the only times i posted on this was "My name is this because people kept calling me a dream stan... my name had "WasTaken" and "."

thank you me from 10+ months ago

anyways, a bit after i was added to minecraft classic, i felt like i had to change my name due to clear reason of having the name "...wasTaken" moderating a minecraft game. while in the name changing menu, i wanted to shorten it but @KaiKai was already taken so i decided to add a "." because it would still keep the simple Kai name without adding anything weird to it.

i was planning to changing to kaixvny or something else that i usually went by on the internet, but then elo decided to update their name policy causing this name to be quite rare now due to the "." and ever since then, ive rebranded all my socials to "Kai." with the dot because of this

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@Act7Act7 Does your username indirectly say that you're actually 7? Because that would not be that surprising tbh.

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Is that all you say? Lol

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i don't know why but that made me laugh

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I used a random word generator for a few of my usernames in the past, until the website generated the word "Output" and it stuck with me ever since

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I was a child from 7 to 9 years old who was thinking of a name for roblox and well I said hey and if I put them (in Spanish it would be "los" )
and the expression we used was what the f*ck so we reduced it to wtf and the numbers were simple 231 because it looked good and well I still use that name (note the roblox account is still alive)

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4-ish years ago I was playing Battle Cats and the "Catfruit Jubilee" event was happening and I was like "that's a cool word" and I kept it in my mind

Then a week later I went to my first Smash local and couldn't think of a tag so I used Jubilee and the TO said he liked it and so did my Round 1 opponent so I stuck with it

After using it for like 3 years I wanted a different one but it turns out by pure coincidence, my favorite Pokemon, Togekiss, was "The Jubilee Pokemon" so I've kept it since then lol

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I needed a new username at some point in my life. I decided to steal gamedev namco's name and add "nade" at the end, as in "lemonade"

I don't shill for Bamco, I just like some of their games

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Might get some hate for this, might not. My name is Atlateen, for the last 2 years I haven’t kept a gamer tag for more than four months. I usually mess something up on YouTube and want to start over, I’m a bit of a perfectionist. About a month ago I had that same thing happen, exept it was different. This time I’m going all the way.

Atlanteen represents me, I love mythology and Atlanteen sounds like Atlantean. It ticks other boxes like the fact that it’s an easy to pronounce name, that can be shortened to a nickname (Teen) I’ve been enjoying the name because I can get the handle on everything, sadly it’s taken on YouTube.

Hopefully in a few years I’ll have a few more WR’s and a few more subscribers 🙂

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I have no idea why I chose bob, but the chicken part is because of my 15 chickens!


@JubileeJubilee I also think its a cool name


I like the game Badland. And I’m a good person. Goodland.


Self explanatory
I don't play Minecraft anymore tho


Got mine from a website i used to frequent when i was a cringy preteen called retrouprising

basically they hosted (legally i might add) all retro games from various nintendo consoles to sega consoles to turbo graphix et al

really awesome site that unfortunately seems to have mostly died, in part because time makes fools of us all, and because a lack of funding i supposed. As of today its still up and running but it only works on internet explorer. If i wasnt so (and one of these days when im hopefully not) so broke and stupid with my money i want to surprise them with a big chunk of change to overhaul the place.

And thats why ill always be a Retro Upriser 🙂


how do you legally host game roms 😃?