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I used a random word generator lmao

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When I first got my ps4 I couldn't think of a name so I went onto YouTube and came up with the name... Bunnyflop125 But I have recently changed my name to something better I would of like the name UnkownEntity but it wasnt avalible so I changed my name to ConcealedEntity


Free username generator

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Some kid took the name VyPr after another user named VyPr was inactive for 8 months so I'm stuck with this variation of my username.

But VyPr was the name of my halo 3 clan and I just stuck with the clan name, my original name was VyPr Red but I dropped the "red" part when I started speedrunning.

Edit: thank you for the name change 🙂


OH WAIT that’s you


I can't remember if i've posted in here before or not lol

But my name came basically from a friend of mine. We were discussing names for my new YouTube channel, and he came up with the name LiterallyMetaphorical. I think he was half joking, but I liked it a lot.

Problem is that LiterallyMetaphorical is really fucking long, so I ended up needing to shorten it to Meta somewhere and thats when i realized Meta is way cooler. Now thats my name 🙂

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Funny story so I was on a walk with my dog and I was trying to comeup with a username for among us. I thought i like cartoons and it would be cool if i was half cartoon so cartoonish. Then for mincraft it turned into Cartoonish35, but a football player who was my friend died and hisnumber was 25 so that is where Cartoonish25 came from

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I got my username by being TheChoosenOne


My school assigned that to me to log into my school computer, I also have accounts on games and other websites called CameronLePizza


I got my username from when I was in elementary school I was in 3rd grade my mom wanted me to make my Nintendo network id for my wii u(new console at the time) something I was into I was in a Zelda phase and link was my favorite character so I chose link and I was born in 2005 so link05


The star came from my profile picture and speed since I wanted to get faster times.

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Astrolite G and A are types of bombs so I just figured I would make it my username

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My username came from my name Marc (nickname Marco) and Hokuto No Ken (Fist of the north star) : Marcokuto.


Everything is very simple - my username is my name, I'm Sam.

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I really like geography so random country generator

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The "LittleToaster" part came from a meme I saw in 2017, the "TR" (which stands for The Real) part came because someone in a twitch chat suggested it in 2019

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i like
i wouldve made my profile spamton but some mf took it


@RalseiRalsei If he’s still inactive in a few months you can take his username.


neat 😎 thanks for the info fruit person