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Title says it all. Not really related to speedrunning but that's mainly what Talk is for ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
My username came from this video, embarrassingly enough (at 7:17):

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some guy made fun of me by calling me "HodenKing" (german "TesticleKing").
kinda stuck around, made it into my online name by adding a W [¯\_(ツ)_/¯](/user/HowDenKing)

/edit: my OG name is HowDenKing
(editing as I'm currently the EU)

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I just tried using random syllables. Since my brother already had a username, I made one based off of the same structure (three syllables, last syllable sounds the same) and just found something that worked.

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A friend told me if I didn’t make a Twitter account with this name then she’d make one for me with the name. She’d done it before for another person so I had no choice OpieOP

That was 6 years ago and here we are.

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When I was in elementary school I used to listen to a song called "I do both Jay and Jane"... Didn't know what the lyrics meant at the time. but ended up shoving the two J names together and the number is because the 4th runescape account we made as kids was mine. XD

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My name is Zach and the suffix "-oholic" describes someone who is addicted to something e.g. shopaholic, alcoholic, workaholic. So I guess that it translates to me being addicted to myself. Which is quite egotistical and actually nowhere near how I actually am. I thought of this name like 3 or 4 years ago lol.


If you dont know why my name is what it is you've not watched true television when it was in the golden years.
to bad I couldn't have it this simple everywhere >.>

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At the time I was playing an MMO and my main character was called Michelle and was a kitsune. Mi + kitsune + random e because why not = Mitsunee. Someone on twitch (actually I'm guessing it's someone who used to be active on justintv) already took that account name, so I added an underscore. Keeping with the theme I named my chatbot MakiiBot, adding an extra i to the name Maki and of course adding Bot to make it obvious that it is one.

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I got the nickname Doctor Dave in high school, because I wore a cream-coloured jacket lol. I also use that as the name I release dance tunes with.

The 5001 is just a random number, because there's always already a Doctor Dave on every website I join ever 😛 It's just habit now

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Mine was honestly just a typo. Planned on renaming myself to LoneSurvivor on steam but added an extra n so it came out as LonneSurvivor. Liked it and kept it. Shortened it to just Lonne because it sounds better

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Mine has a bit of history. First I used RPG Phantom as my name, as I was trying to make Roleplaying games and managed to easily beat every rpg I played. But many people confused the RPG part, and thought I was a FPS gamer. So I renamed myself Aurum Crescent somewhere in 2007/2008. That name was chosen since I was looking at a site for the meanings of names, and the meaning of Aurum was Glowing Dawn according that site. And crescent was chosen due my affection to the moon. Only after 3 months I remembered Aurum means gold in Latin.

I kept using that name for years. I joined a gaming group (2010), got into speedrunning and joined a good minecraft server (2016). Then I was kicked from my gaming group due one hating and spreading lies about me (19 July 2016). The people of the minecraft server helped me get over it. I went to Tera and tried to log in, seeing that my name got changed. After contacting the support, I realised that someone started to use my name. I decided to rename myself to Aureus Lunae on 27 July 2016, to leave all the bad feelings behind and start over again. It means the same as Aurum Crescent (Golden Moon), but fully in Latin.

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For mine, it's pretty simple. In 2013, I used my real name everywhere. Then, a time came when I wanted to have a pseudo to me. But how shall I call myself.

One day, I listen to a minecraft video, and there is a player whose username is "Trollman". I had an idea, "lolman". Until then it is relatively basic.

Then I wanted to add a little more detail. A number. I reflected 10 seconds, and decided to use the number "27", making "lolman27". When I think about it, people would say; "Is your department number?" My department number is "1". I did not see calling myself "lolman1". I use the number "27", only because I think it fits well with the pronunciation. Anyway, I use the pseudo "lolman27" until 2015.

May 15, 2015, I get a PS3. But small problem, the nickname I use is already use. After a few hours of reflection, I decide to slightly modify my nickname. "LOLMAN-0027". And I use this nickname since May 15, 2015.

I was told that my pseudo was noob... I replied; "Look at my statistics, look at my gameplay, I'm pretty good for someone who show up with a pseudo shit".

The story of my username.


I wanted a new username so I slammed my keyboard till I found a fun combination of letters. That's how I got Seydie ^^

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I walked in to someone watching Pulp Fiction and said hey tron javolta like a dumb dumb, and then I thought it was a dope name

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@Aureus_Lunae: But why Lunae? I guess that means it's a singular genitive or dative or a plural nominative... while it would seem much more logical to me to simply use the singular nominative. Besides, why doesn't 'Aureus' congruent? And lastly, why is the adjective in front? 😉 I'd definitely go with "Luna_Aurea" myself, but hey, of course you've got creative freedom. 🙂

Anyway: interesting topic!
As to myself: I don't share the origins of my name, but I will say I've used it since around 2005, when I was 6 years old. 🙂

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Aurea means nothing or is Aura in latin, not sure. Aureus is an adjective, meaning golden. Lunae is latin for moon, just as luna. Just a different pronunciation.

In english, you don't say moon golden. You say golden moon. Same in Latin.


Do you actually know Latin, I wonder?... Not to be rude, you genuinely made me curious. 😛


I did study latin for 4 months at school. It is very similar to French. Just you say what is written down in Latin, C is pronounced as K, and ancient latin has nothing to seperate words, no space between it. But that is all I know about it after all these years, beside some random words.

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