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I don't know if there are many female speedrunners. Are you one of them ? Go girls, show you !


I wonder what the goal is here......kappanotkappa

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@DoctorDave5001 I want to know if the speedrun attracts a lot of girls, or if they don't care. For the moment, 2 real girls on the site, it's a beginning.

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You don't need to defend yourself 😛 it's an interesting question if it's not coming from Anita Sarkeesian


Everything is glitching, everything is cheating, everything is tool-assisted, and you need to point it all out.

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Is that you Verlis?

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Oh, someone in the Pokemon community who accused a ton of people of hacking. Was kind of messing there, sorry.

In any case, there are female speedrunners out there. FreyaTheGamer for example.

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yeah there are quite a load of famous female runners 😊 but I thought the question was interesting 🙂

and verlis is so bad but I doubt he would ever come here he just dosn't seem the type from his content.

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guys on the internet are guys

girls on the internet are guys

kids on the internet are cops

rules I live by!!!!!

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We're all kids here. STOP IN THE NAME OF THE LAW!

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I am normally a female, but on the internet I become a man

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just remember kids,
guys are guys
girls are girls
girls are also guys
guys are also girls
sometimes there can be a toaster

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