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I bet most of you guys never played SA:MP (san Andreas multiplayer) for longer period of time... Imo it was the most underrated game at the time, unfortunately it was created by a fan, not by Rockstar Games. However, you could make server ot be pretty much anything, you could mod anything, any subject in the game. Hell, you could even mod weapon bullets... EVERYTHING..


UltimaOmega thinks he's the god of GTA but he just got his ass kicked. He sucks balls. He ain't gettin his record back. He sucks feruigilis's small d!ck in his wheelchair!!!

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Everytime someone beats a world record, someone goes crazy and quits their current game they are running to get that world record back. Resulting in life of love life lost.


Does anyone have that one copypasta of the russian guy in the Dwahmov comments?
It was something like "this is not speed run. this is glitch" etc you get the point


Ask SourceRunners like Chinese_Soup, MooThing and so on ... , they will probably have that kind of thing stored someone in some mysterious secret database.