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Bla bla bla. . .
No one cares. . .

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Yeah I ain't watching that its another pointless video only YOU care about. Why would I care about ur WR? Its not even on the site oh thats right because you cheated in the past and I don't care about cheaters WR final. kombat king has respectable records in all MK games, knows more about the games than you and seems like a nice person unlike you just stop dragging a good guys name.

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What decade you in homie


My experience with that 40k people in TF2 daily crowd is they sit around trading hats.

But nah, I don't play bootyass kid shooters.


I pretty much only dabble in 3S, but prefer SFV lol


Spamming the same strat through the video (which is literally something little kids do) while claiming to be a god of the game, cussing out another runner and getting yourself banned, and spamming porn links while cussing out the people reading your thread. Takes real class there.