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1. You wake up before your alarm goes off, and think: “I’ve shaved seconds off my sleep time!”

2. You don’t wear a seatbelt because flying through your window in a crash is ‘impact boosting’.

3. You put your socks on before your trousers so you don’t spend an extra second pulling up your trouser legs when you put on your socks.

4. Parkour.

5. You take off your T-shirt like this:

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@QueenVanraen have you been on twitch!?.... lol


@QueenVanraen Why, you don`t have hands?


@bugmenotbugmenot I have hands, but there's a bunch of useless meat on my chest, which is a bit in the way.
I'll stick to the cross-pulling method pretty much all women use, it doesn't lose any time and doesn't get stuck at the chest.

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I only do 3 because i find it far easier to put pants on if i already have socks on because it doesnt get stuck in my toes or something lol

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