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Nintendo now appears to be targeting speedruns and romhacks in their campaign against videos they don't profit off of on youtube, just be cautious of what's going on in your channels and be wary about uploading new replays and such. Sucks it has to come to this but I don't want to see anyones account get terminated due to some bs.

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Well, as much as this is a completely dick move, Nintendo are within their rights to do this.

So before you all fire up and grab the pitchforks, just remember to keep local copies of any videos you have made / videos that you like (I suggest DownloadHelper for Firefox) and upload them to either an alternate site, or wait until Nintendo focus their efforts on another wild goose chase.

They are allowed to take this course of action, and yes, we can all be unhappy about it. But don't think they are doing anything "super dodgy", because they're not.

Just stupid stuff.

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I've never seen a company as out of touch but also in touch with the internet as Nintendo.


This may be as good a place as any to ask this.

Does this site support any other sites for video embedding (For runs) other than Twitch & YouTube? I don't stream and if there is a chance YouTube start nuking videos (A small chance with no view videos like mine, but still...) I guess I should look into uploading them elsewhere.


Twitch, Youtube and NicoNico player should be embedded for now



If there are video sites that people actually use that are not currently embedded (and that properly support embedding), let me know and I can look into adding support for them.

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AFAIK it's only Tool Assisted Speedruns they're bothering with on YouTube, not just normal ones.


Milk, they ARE actually aiming ROM Hacks, TAS, Segmented and RTA Speedruns, not only TAS.


I think you are safe if you run your game on console. I can only imagine Nintendo to take down emu, romhack speedruns and TASes, but not any legit speedruns.
However if you want to run a game seriously (not quickly for fun) then you should get the game on console at least if it is not too hard to obtain it anyways, but that is only my opinion.