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Control probabilities (Ex: Change the chance of a coin flip to land on heads from 50% to 100%)


You can only make the odds be against you

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Mind control

(This thread should also be brought back)

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you can only control your own mind

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You can make coins 50 times more valuable.

- Minor Side effect: The banknotes value is only 5 Times valuable instead of 50.

- Serious Side effect ( Comment Below )


The only coins you can make more valuable are coins that no longer exist

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The ability to execute any speedrunning trick/glitch I want with 100% consistency


But you can't record it.

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The ability to transfer someone's headache to someone else in the room.


@OxkniferOxknifer But you get the same headache as the person you transfered it to.

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Having a Quantum Shield and Teleport.
You can Teleport to another planet on our solar system and ever beyond that if you want!

Side effect: Your time is limited to 20 minutes, You can stay only 20 with the option of going back. You go back after the 20 minutes is up. After all this you will be exhausted so an 8 hour sleep is required. Cooldown is 2 weeks.

Serious Side effect: ( ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ Comment Below ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️)


Every time you teleport, a person you know dies suddenly.

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And your clothes don’t come with you.

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Quantum Shield 2 Same effects as my previous post but this time the side effects are more severe (Well yeah your even more Unlucky for side effects)
At least now your time for each teleporter is TRIPLED.

Side effect 1 (Minor by @SkittlesCat83SkittlesCat83 ): Your Clothes don't come with you.

Side effect 2 (Serious by @CyanWesCyanWes ):Every time you teleport, a person you know dies suddenly.

Minor effect 2: Sleep time becomes 12 Hours instead of 8 also for 2 weeks (Depends on teleport) You are sensitive to temperature (E.g Teleport to a Star or a planet with high temperature for 2 weeks you must stay at high temperatures as well)

Serious effect 2: ( Comment Below)

Edit: Please don't attack me for necroposting this thread should not die.

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Upon use, you lose 1 random body part

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it has cooldown of 9 hours, you can be invisible again after 3 hours but you eill have only 1 hour before you can use it again. This Means max time is 3 hours.

After usage: You may have 1 of these side effects

1) Headache + Dizziness and weakness (50% Chance)
2) Upset Stomach + Stomach cramps (20%) (Combine chance 5%)
3) No taste + No smell + No touch sense (30%) (Combine chance 2,5%)

Chance to have ALL these above (1%)


lung cancer

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lung cancer is a superpower?

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lung cancer

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