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I'm genuinely curious. I mean, tons of speedrunning would fit.


How so? At the least, multiplayer games would not work, speedrunning requires consistency.


I don't know much about fortnite, but generally speaking PvP doesn't work in speedrunning terms because the possibility of abuse... Exp. I could play other people in Starcraft, but really I could just have my friends play against me and suck as much as humanly possible in order to benefit my speedrun. I imagine something similar could be accomplished in a game like Fortnite.

There are obviously a couple exceptions, particularly simple games like mostly because a player has no way to particularly play with any given set of people they want to play with. The rooms are always random people playing with one another. There's no way to fill a room with friends that might be able to give you an a particular advantage outside the skill level of the random people you are playing with.

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nobody will/would speedrun fortnite.
no matter how hard you'll try to raise the speedrun community for multiplayer games, you will fail.


Depends if you are talking about Fortnite or Fortnite Battle Royal.
I can see Fortnite itself can be runnable

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It's possible for Fortnite: Save the World.

But for Fortnite: Battle Royale, I don't know.


For starters, when people think of "Fortnite", they think of the Battle Royale, not the story mode. Because the Battle Royale has been free since inception.

Battle Royale games... well, they can last very long, as there are two distinct types of gamers in these modes; Fighters and Campers (well, there's probably more, but this is my stream of consciousness). Fighters are the people who immediately take up arms and start taking out one another, which often causes the total of entrants to drop very quickly in the first 3-5 minutes. Problem is, you have to deal with people who are Campers (like I am), that know they aren't gonna last in a fight as skill can trump weaponry luck. Instead, they figure out where the safe zone is in the map, head there... and wait. Honestly, I came in 3rd once largely because of this strategy.

Really, most games end when the safe zone is nothing more than the size of a small apartment building, and that can take 20-25 minutes. Not ideal for speedrunning, as there are so many variables that can go horribly wrong right from the gate, as well as the reality that multiplayer games don't lend themselves to beating quickly.