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Music album ofcourse, no photo albums allowed.

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I have a few faves, one of them being Discovery Kreygasm. I grew up listening to Daft Punk so they have a special place in my heart.


oo this is a bit of a hard descision, I enioy Random Album Title by Deadmau5 along with 4x4=12 but I also like albums like Lady Pank by Lady Pank and a bunch of Italo Disco and Disco Polo cd's and tapes I have.


Easily my favorite album ever


not a fan of skrillex but i do love his new album


I don't listen to albums, I listen to individual songs

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Pendulum's "In Silico" and Muse's "The Resistance" are definitely my favourites, love nearly every single track on each of them Kreygasm

(Couldn't find full album for neither, so these are playlists) .com/watch?v=3_ShFJZuL4c&list=PL2Q840ZGXlup9zitqIL6O40ru1w_qRlEZ .com/watch?v=Gxi9oR7zGYo&list=PLn5xwPtXdw1GcVotDL-X4iciL46W47bTc

[I've put spaces so that the links won't be embedded, as it seems that they are embedded incorrectly]

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Oh gee Iron Maiden big surprise there MVGame


Electro would be Three Against Nature EP by Savoy

Punk would be Supporting Caste by Propaghandi

Metal would be Warp Riders by The Sword

Honorable mention to Pedal to the Metal by Blessed by a Broken Heart, for make it feel like I jumped face first into a pile of cocaine. Sadly I can't find a link for that one BibleThump


Big surprise incoming Kappa

Divine wings of Tragedy by Symphony X is an amazing album too


Iron Maiden - m00nchild 😎 Kreygasm


cmon guyz 😃 make this forum live... i cant write right under my own post DansGame

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Kappa b


i was thinking " cool video" but that only part of pic 🙁 disappointed


Aces pls Kappa

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How the hell did I forget about my most favorite band of all time?



Böhse Onkelz Heilige Lieder


I have a couple favorites including:

Unsung Heroes by Ensiferum

Beyond the Sea by Dark Moor

Master of the Moon by Dio

I would put something both Eluveitie and Korpiklaani, but I don't know any one album from either that stands out above the rest.

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Abbey road by the Beatles

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I like indie rock music, so my favourite album is 1975 group 1975))