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What kinds of weird dreams have you all been having lately? Generally I feel like I have a lot of dreams but most of them don't stick in my head or I don't write them down.

I had a dream about working at a hospital that was actually a crime front that felt like it went on for forever but I remember like none of the details.

I think someone mentioned before dreaming about speedrunning but I don't think that's ever happened to me.


the "crime front" part reminded me of a dream i had a couple months ago : i was an apprentice beekeeper and my master went on an errand so i was left alone to explore and i went into a little thicket which became more like a small wood and hidden in it was a zoo, i quickly realized this was a place for rare animal trafficking, someone saw me as i was snooping around and i ran out of the wood and immediately into a suburban looking area (even though the dream clearly started in the countryside) eventually i ran into my master which offered me water from his gourd, it was fresh and delicious - the end

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Most of my dreams (that I don't forget when waking up) come in a form of an adventure-type game.
It's either me alone, or me in a group of random people I know; in a mission to do something, set in some scene of a video game or movie.

For example:
- In one dream it was me, 2 friends from elementary school and Hermione Granger (played by Emma Watson). We had to save the queen of England from Dracula, and we were in the castle from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.
- Another dream was me in a group of several people, and we were in an adventure to cross the entire country. The majority of the dream happened inside an active volcano with platforming sections.

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I had a dream last night where I was driving what seemed to be a Formula 2 or Formula 3 car around the race track in Zandvoort and was doing alright until it started to absolutely pour with rain in a split second causing me to slip on one of the turns, flip over, and die in a giant ball of fire.

Very cool!

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Longcat gets longer

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Heck, you folks get all the cool dreams. All I get are things that are mundane, nightmares, or mundane nightmares.

Not cool.


I have the weirdest dreams ever. One day I dreamed I was on my bedroom, and they I woke up and a cow came to me and said "I'm a lion, moooo!"


You shouldn't trust that cow if they're a lyin'.

That's no good.

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I often dream about being in my school. Like, at least 25% of my dreams that I remember involve the school I was at last and, in some form, my former crush that attended that school.

And I rarely ever dream about my current crush. Huh.


Had a strange one recently.

Last night I dreamt about a home invasion. Me and my brother knew these guys were coming so we decided to prepare for it, by arming ourselves with guns (like assault rifles and sniper rifles), and turning the house into a fortress. Finally the guys come. My brother was supposed to take them both out with a sniper rifle from upstairs as they were coming in the house, but he completely botches the shot and they both walked in like they heard nothing. It gets hazy after that but at the end of the dream I remember that there was a jammed assault rifle that was left downstairs in the basement. So I sneak down there and I decide to take my chances. I waited until one of the guys come down and I swung it at is head like a baseball bat. The guy fucking catches it, and that was the end of the dream.

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Had a dream once that there was a intruder in my house and they were gonna kill me however whenever I was cowering in fear trying to lock the door to my room, it just kept unlocking itself. That was fun.

Another dream was where I was visiting Pakistan and I went onto one of their water slides however whenever I went off the water ramp, I proceed to jump over the entire pool and completely smashed myself on the concrete. Strange things happen there man even in dreams.

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I had a dream that Elo started being transparent with users… but that’s just a dream, it won’t ever happen.

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@GarshGarsh you sure have some outlandish dreams man

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I had a dream involving StarWars, people with sidways gravity, clones of emperor palpatine, clones of people who got shipwreked, and unknown robots.



Not quite what I thought this thread was gonna be about 😃

I almost never remember my dreams (truthfully, most people don't, at least not accurately). I used to keep a dream journal, should probably start doing that again.

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I once had a dream about a Minecraft speedrunner

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