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Angry Birds don’t have noses.

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Yea jackz kinda took my place cause I don't post spam anymore


Quiet bump

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Loud bump

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I actually post most often on mobile, so I am not able to see my destruction of Talk.




i wish forum moderators existed so we could come together and ban jackzfiml for a week

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You know what? I have been rethinking what I’ve been posting over the last 2 months of me posting in these forums. I only now realize I’ve been treating them like they are my own personal playground. I went from being a well respected person in the communities I was in to the person that always tries to fit in but ends up failing miserably. I went from being an alright person to a semi shitty person. These forums are the reason for this. I’ve become addicted to the forums and I haven’t been treating the forums the proper way. I apologize for invading the forums and making you people angry. It’s kind of hard for me to do, but this will be the last post I make here for awhile. It’s clear I don’t fit in here and that is that.


@jackzfimljackzfiml This wasn't meant to be a serious post. Just something I noticed. You do whatever makes you happy.

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Thank fuck, it only took telling you like 50 times that you need to chill the fuck out and stop being such an unfunny spammer to find out.

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Wow, we're really throwing some shade.

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@Bob-chickenBob-chicken I’m @herehere
Don’t try to hide your message @jackzfimljackzfiml


You have made like 400 posts in 2 months

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Yea I’ve been in the forums a lot.


@Bob-chickenBob-chicken I just read through the last 100 posts by Act7, and I really don't understand what your problem is.
There are some "legit" posts in there (game related posts, introduction-welcome posts, discussion posts).

All the "spam" posts come from mainly 2 threads in the Talk forum:
- What if someone kept bumping their own thread?
- Add on to the sentence

If you have a problem with people spamming messages in those threads, then you have a specific problem with those threads (because they were made for it), not with the posters.

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I’m honestly not even trying to get 400 posts in 2 months. I’m just very active in the forums and I like how they are made like an actual social media app.

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That's not how they are supposed to be treated lmao


Explain the talk forums