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So, what was your first question when you started to speedrun?

I am curious because when I look back at my history I kind of laugh. My first question ever on src was: How to get Japanese Wii VC games.

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My first question was something on penumbra black plague, and you just made me realize I actually gotten a response on how to do the trick I had a question about, time to finish running that game

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Lol I can relate to "Why did you reset?"
Still asking this question in some streams

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Apparently mine was asking if it was required to show a timer in the video


Note: I've never said any of that, but that's probably applicable to one too many of you :^)

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in my first post I asked advice on what kinda things I should start on but I would say my first proper question was Is there an accurate wii emulator? but even that was just a curiosity thing that's the problem with my questions I am very curious about things so I will ask questions even if they ain't really applicable. I guess a question that was a bit more serious was the mystery dungeon series one. 😊

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"Am I speedrunning or just doing the game fast?"
"Am I considered a speedrunner even if I speedrun one game only?"
I know it seems weird, but those are the first two things I asked myself.


"Wait, what's wrong with the Super Game Boy?"


Just like the typical casual, I believe my first question was "What's the WR for this game?"