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I Feel like there should be a comment section to each video of the run to a game

like when you go to a leaderboard of a game and click the time to see the video, bellow the video there should be a comment section

That would be a cool addition to 🙂


This has come up a lot in the past and the general consensus seems to be that it's kinda pointless, since every major video platform already has some kind of comment system, so if you want to leave comments you can just do so on the YouTube video itself. Also, the vast majority of the comments would either be generic stuff like "congratulations!" or "good run", or just spam/trolling, so it would just be another avenue for abuse (and more things for game mods to keep track of and moderate) that doesn't really provide any benefit.

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The forum of each game can be used to discuss specific runs if there's anything pertinent.


There just isn't enough practical usage for this, really.

It'd just end up being another thing game moderators / site mods have to manage if anything. It's easy enough to just congratulate runners via their social media, they're more likely to see it and more likely to respond.

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[username] has commented on your run: "You suck xD"


[anotherusername] has commented on your run: "BOOBS teehee lol xD"


A comment section should be a feature only if you're allowed to choose from a preset of twitch speed copypasta

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I could perhaps go for a thumbs-up thing like the forums have. Lets you know who's (presumably) watched your run and enjoyed it, minimal if any potential for abuse.

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Or maybe a view count under each run showing how many people went to the run page.


You have a view count on the video though, on both Twitch and YT. Likes isn't universal on platforms, so I could see that.

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