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Or do people just hang out in the forums hoping for that special someone to come into their lives like me?

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I speedrun mcpe lite now check the pending runs

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I just got two new pbs in the ILs for Pigments. If you check out the videos on youtube, you'll see that youtube thinks the game is the 1980 edition of Pacman.

So you should be playing Pigments, too!

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my latest run was 5 days ago.


Or do people just hang out in the forums hoping for that special someone to come into their lives like me?

i think there are better places to try to find your "special someone" than the src forums.......

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I don't speedrun anymore. I lost the motivation for it and now I don't have time for it even if my motivation would come back.

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I do still speedrun, I just haven't had much time recently. The last speedrun I did was a meme run of a geometry dash clone. Before that, it was a meme run of a scratch game called "among us platformer 2". Neither of these took any effort. The last time I actually spent time running a good game was the valentines day google doodle. I did ILs for the game and got a couple of world records.

Unfortunately school has taken up a lot of time recently, I can still make time for some runs but not any long or difficult grinds.

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I'm currently during one of my breaks from speedrunning. It's important to recognize when you're just not feeling it and knowing when to distance yourself from the hobby to avoid getting burned out. It's a hobby, not a chore 🙂

That being said, I did a run for Pepsiman yesterday as a showcase (after nearly 3 months from my last speedrun in any game whatsoever), so that might get me going once again.

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@Merl_Merl_ Don't forget the TASes and stuff

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Already won gold on the Primal Rage hardest difficulty run. I might try the Any% and Default runs next. As for finding a new game to speedrun, I am unsure. I might try Castlevania Dracula X or Splatterhouse II.

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I've done a handful of speedruns in the past week, including a 6 hour long 100% run. I'm taking a break for now, but I'm still chipping away at some research for one of my games!

I check the forums every so often just to see what's going on, but speedrunning is still the main thing here for me.

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I did 60 ILs of a racing game yesterday if that counts as active

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Its something to be done in spare time, unless you make a decent living out of streaming

I run when I can, my little hobby

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I've gotten to a point where speedrunning doesn't really benefit me in any way anymore, whenever I try to come back and do a run I get frustrated after 30 minutes of my runs dying over and over to the same trick, and especially now that I make a decent amount of money for my age I couldn't care less about being one of the best in a game, I'd rather spend that time improving my other skills that I actually need instead. I still do follow the community though, I'm still implicated in it, I'm still active in the game that I used to run in the discord server and I'm obviously still active on the forums whenever I got spare time, but I came to the conclusion that simply speedrunning isn't the thing for me anymore.

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No, nobody speedruns anymore- we just go $pa$ti¢ about random crap. @EeeZeePeeZee08 said so. DatFace

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I don’t really speedrun anymore, I’m too busy verifying other’s submissions.

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@GarshGarsh Lol. Yeah, I guess there is that too


Update: I actually started speedrunning again a new game but not for long because I want to reach 69 runs and then quit runs for good.

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I need to get 420 runs

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You’ll probably have 690 forum posts before that happens

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