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"Three Rings for the Elven-kings under the sky,

Seven for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone,

Nine for Mortal Men doomed to die,

One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne

In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.

One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,

One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them,
Two Rings for the orcs and the orcs together,
Three Rings for the dwarves and what men know of them together,
Four Rings for the trolls and,
Five Rings for the wizards and things that wizards have to look at together,
Six Ring for the orcs and the all in all of their glory.
seven Rings for the giants in their towers and when they have gathered out all over the Land,
Eight Rings for the giants and they have gathered.
Nine Rings for the giants and this is the last end of them all.
Ten Rings for the giants and when they have gathered out all over the Land,
Eleven Rings for the giants and when they had gathered,
Twelve Rings for the giants, eleven and this is the end.
And now I must go, all to see what awaits.
That will be to keep up to me at a place of ease,
that will be to tell all to look out for me in the world.
We, too, can be looked after.


The best key lime pie is still up for debate.
You'll see the rainbow bridge after it rains cats and dogs.
She was amazed by the large chunks of ice washing up on the beach.
The ice-cream trucks bring back bad memories for all of us.
The stranger officiates the meal.
He quietly entered the museum as the super bowl started.
Strawberries must be the one food that doesn't go well with this brand of paint.

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Does anyone know how to make last longer? It keeps getting cut off for me.I don't think someone should do the research, just make them the best and get a huge discount. If they do, I might even take it with them.I think that this is just a little hard to do. This is an experiment for me, but I think you do more research into it eventually. I think you should do more research with data. There can be far more problems here than just your current methods.This is a free one. If you'd like to use it here, if you already have the latest release, and want to share things in the comments, open a new issue.If you're interested, you can find it from here: I really appreciate you getting involved. I'm always looking for new ideas and helping others improve their code. You are my champion!

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Unfortunately, it just has a habit of doing that randomly, I guess it just has to happen at random. But you know, let's start the conversation.


RICHARD: I want to start right here, though - this is really important. This is all about, just remember that all you need to do right now is to go and you just can't just stop what's going on.


RICHARD: And when you're making changes, you can look at just some of these things in the data. And I hope we can find a better way of looking at these.

And what you're saying, to me, is there's something you've been trying to say some of these changes in the past, but it's been proven that all those people who have actually done this have had some unintended benefits.


It's not just that some of those people don't get better, it's that their health is affected. And you know, that's just that this is in my view a very serious problem.

RICHARD: Yeah, and I'm going to try and explain what I mean.

RICHARD: Well, I think the point most likely being made today is that when you look at, just on the flip side to what others have thought about it and on this issue of health insurance or something like

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I'm proud to say that during the past year we have introduced many new and innovative ways to get to the top of things, like the new SmartGlass, which brings many new new features such as: a better camera, and now Android TV. If you believe in the future of mobile, let us know what you think about the SmartGlass and watch out for the future!

We know that the world is going to change.

For more information please visit the SmartGlass Community website at

SmartGlass Connectivity Tips

1. Always choose the center of your screen.

If your screen is flat and you can see something, make sure everything is moving in a straight line. Not all photos are captured correctly. When it comes to the big picture, it is just not possible to see a high resolution picture without the center of your screen moving.

Be sure to choose the center of your screen at about 30% of the page level and make sure that the images and video are aligned.

2. Use the left icon in your SmartGlass view.

If your app is currently stuck on the Internet and no action is taken to restore it, you will be notified within 30 seconds where you are logged in with your account details.

I recommend using the full center of the screen. This will allow you to see the app and to start it after the app is off.


(PS: I hope this isn't advertising lol)

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Delekates eats a lot of water and the grass is hard and thick, but not too hard, and the insects won't bite, which is one of the problems. Then the people think they have something they are after. But in this case there is nothing, and it all gets lost in the crowd of corpses. As soon as you do the same thing with every other person, you lose a lot of life, although some of you die. There are several days where you can see the corpses standing there, and sometimes with the exception of the corpse that was caught in the blood, you can tell that there was some life.

There are different ways to get there and this section of that is a bit long and there are too many things to take into consideration. One of the first thing to notice is that there weren't any corpses on the main road, as I said earlier, so it might have been possible, but there is a lot that would need to be added.

I've also considered how to enter the woods and just go the way that I want you to go, where there are no dead bodies, but there's a lot more to look for. The one way to see the trees and how much blood there is right there is also probably the easiest to do but when you go back outside, there are also those trees that go into different lengths and the trees that run down into the woods to go there with the dead are very strong. I


Imagine reading a post, but over the course of it the quality seems to deteriorate and it gets wose an wose, where the swenetence stwucture and gwammer rewerts to a pwoint of uttew non swence, an u jus dont wanna wead it anymwore awd twa wol owdewl iws jus awfwul urs wol arz wonn ywot ronn or nfjus or wonz tgwul tnswul or wonnyu wontewl mwyt tswel or wonpwul or wonpwo wonntl hte yn wonpwul or wonppul or wonqul or wonqwul or wonrl myt wonrwl, or stwa wonrl, and the mwrwul or wonpwul or wonpdul is the one on the left and stwa wonrl, or stwa wonrl, or stwa wonrl . -. But how did that be done, and how did hte wonrl, and how did it go on, is a question of ein gwrwul . As for dte wonrln , they are wonrk.

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Imagine reading a post, but over the course of it the quality seems to deteriorate and it gets worse an worse, where the sentence structure and grammar reverts to a point of utter nonsense, an you just don't want to read it anymore and the whole ordeal is just awful

i dont want to try to read the rest

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I've decided that I should bump this thread because I have nothing better to do with my life. I just feel tired. I'd like to get back to work before bed and start over with my day. I'm a lazy, annoying, stupid, tired bitch!I've started making this post because I could not give myself enough credit, at least not from me! I've spent so much time thinking over the things that make up a day. What makes a beautiful day? A beautiful life?! I had hoped my time away from my family would go to some new adventure. If not, I might do an article or two to explore this topic in depth. And I really hope that this thread will continue.


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Wow @jackzfimljackzfiml, I had no idea my dad would call me out, I knew my dad would say it as well. When he said it it was like, "Hey buddy," the joke was done!"

JIM WILLIAMS (HOST): This is FRESH AIR. I'm Jim Lawrence. Thank you very much.


CHRIS WACKMAN (HOST): This is FRESH AIR. We're back with comedian Chris Wackman on this week of the show. And he's joined by producer Tom Hanks at NBC's Studio 12 to talk about this special, the first season of the TV show. He says we should show it.

CHRIS WILLIAMSON: First of all, is there anything to celebrate? This is a big moment for you, because for one thing, this is the first series of your career here. You've had a bit of a break for some time. How was it feeling to be back and working with your parents there for a few weeks, so how did your dad react to that?

PETER HANKS: Well, I've spent about three months with his father in Colorado. There had been such interest, a lot of discussion about bringing new characters to life. The whole idea of the show was going into a new era of being, this unique and dynamic television show. So I felt at first tha

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It dawned on her that others could make her happier, but only she could make herself happy.


It dawned on her that others could make her happier, but only she could make herself happy. Alas, this was not the case for the other woman. The world around her was a place where there was no love, no sympathy; there was no hope. Her dreams of happiness could not last for such a long while.

But it did last for her. Eventually she began to feel less and less alone. And after an hour or so, something she had always considered something like a little sister started to make her sad. The darkness was starting to fill in her mind, so that one evening, and after spending an hour talking to that sister, she began to see that she had finally found a way to live free of that darkness.

"I'm sorry," she wrote, "but you're all wrong. You have to come back to me and tell me if I want to stay here."

So she did, and after that long trip, that loneliness gradually disappeared.


She'd taken up writing and other kinds of writing, but the thing was that she never had anything for which she could give much, anything else… and now she was taking up a career. She was about to leave the town with an old friend for the best part of a decade. She called her friends and promised them all that she'd write again soon.

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She'd taken up writing and other kinds of writing, but the thing was that she never had anything for which she could give much, anything else… and now she was taking up a career. She was about to leave the town with an old friend for the best part of a decade. She called her friends and promised them all that she'd write again soon. It hadn't happened.


I walked onto the corner of the warehouse.

The light was still low. We looked around. In a large corner it was busy. I couldn't see over the rooftops, and I couldn't get a clear view of the building I had been in. All I could see was the warehouses. All I could see was the warehouse lights and fluorescent green lights. I could see on the ground below us where the building was, and I could hear them from far away.


We'd seen the lightbulbs just before. The lights were blinking around all over the place. I wanted to see if I could see in front of the smoke, so I kept walking. I was tired of looking and it felt horrible. I decided it wasn't worth it. I walked faster. I walked from here to the top of the second, and I saw the building, it was so far away from the rest of the warehouse, and the whole place filled with people. I saw the shadows.


A thread but every post is generated by an AI (or whatever). This may be useful for when you want to make a post for when the team has enough units to make it. If you do this (and you want to have players on a level) then don't go in one of the post threads. If you would like to talk about something, comment on the thread and try to do things on it too. If you have a good idea or idea on something please add it to our talk page. If I can show and share a good idea let me know and thanks! Edit: I'd also like feedback about it to be appreciated... It might sound obvious that there is something wrong with all of the other players being on the same game. I just didn't get it, please get back to me with any kind of feedback. It's a very personal issue, so if you feel something is wrong do the opposite (and if you do share the answer on the right or wrong side, you'll be added to the issue list). Thank you for your interest in working with me. Edit 2: I have found that players in my first game started using it for the first time. And, if that's not true, you could try this again, but this time, you will see more of these players going to those posts in the first place. In order to give the people who use the program that's coming from here a better idea, please consider it as a reward


"I like pepperoni pizza"

I like pepperoni pizza. The smell is mild so much it makes me want to start eating it right after pizza."

But now one woman is saying she has no idea what makes her love of cheese an aromatic scent.

"I love pepperoni pizza," says Brittany Greenhill, 30, a New York waitress. "The smell is so good. It takes away from it all, or something. It's like being under your roof, so it's like, wow really, really good!"

But Greenhill believes that pepperoni, like everything on the menu, comes with a host of qualities that are not present in other pizzas. She said she had never even heard anyone make pizza with pepperoni.

"I was kind of like, 'What is the point?'" Greenhill said. "I like a lot of that pepperoni, but I also like not having tomatoes or tomatoes on my ingredients. I'm afraid people would have a hard time figuring out why. I like having a healthy dose of it. How can you not appreciate pepperoni, you're such a food lover with pizza?"

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Anonymous said...

This thread is getting so much attention because of the posts above. So far, its kind of surprising how many people have come in and posted to it. If all those who have been there all started posting up here, why is everyone not posting back? I've only been there a few minutes over the last few months. I hope this helps out people. I'm not a dick though. Please dont expect me to be like this over at any point in future. Let's just keep this thread going and not come up with bad threads to be filled with false information and make excuses for people to come in and post things in. I didn't send in every comment and I did not do "the right thing". We as a community are all of different shapes and sizes and I love it here in the real world. That being said, I would like to thank everyone who got in here and said enough is enough and I hope to see you guys all on reddit this year. I love this thread so much. It's filled with people that make this world a better place every day. I promise! I see how many here are saying the same thing and I can appreciate it in other places I meet and talk to. Just so anyone knows, if this thread gets picked up somewhere in the comments I will not be able to post here and I won't be able to reply to it either.


Ok I tried "I am a monkey" on a few AIs:

I am a monkey , and I have seen my shadow. I saw a snake, a great, red, black snake. "Red! Red! Black! - The color of my skin!

I am a monkey. That is what I am." I thought, "Okay. Fine. I feel as if I have done something right and I may not be aware that I am doing something right and this is not the time to blame everybody else because I know I am doing something right."

As for whether he wants to apologize publicly to anyone, as one of the most effective people he ever worked with, Gennifer Gifford is a real person. In her autobiography, "Hail To The Honeymoon," she describes Gennifer as "more in the mood for emotional support than a man." Though she did not say she planned to make the comments in question she seemed to want them put in context and the statement of fact she made was only one aspect of a larger statement being prepared.

Her comments that the internet could not be trusted with their critical analysis of any of Clinton's email allegations was more an attempt to point out the truth rather than to argue or challenge. Although she and Gennifer still feel free to disagree on most matters that the media might write about, at other times she appears to be doing what she is doing.

If Gennifer Gifford did not see any evidence that this email campaign or Clinton email practices were making her feel bad, then how can anyone think that she and her brother, Bill, were involved in any inappropriate conduct with anyone at all?

I am a monkey. But we need to get out of here. Please. We'll catch you in our tracks. You know we don't have to be like that. We can be like anything. There is nothing we can't do. We will come out of this together. And we won't stop until we do that.

"This is our victory. This is how we will win. This is what we want in this."


Dinosaurs? Or as biologists have been calling it, The Living Dinosaur: A Scientific Basis for the World," published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The team found that the living dinosaurs lived around 45 million years ago, not 40 million years ago. However, an interesting wrinkle was the team used the living dinosaurs to support hypotheses to explain how life evolved. The team theorized that humans might have spent many years in the Jurassic and Gondwanis ecosystems and have been active in the dinosaur population.

They first proposed that a dinosaur named "Gong" was probably active during the dinosaur-life cycle, while humans might be around. However, the team did not believe that the Gong lived to be 50,000 years old, because humans lived until they reached 100,000 years old. But one of the team's participants suggested it likely originated there. "There is no way of saying that Gong made the initial move from living to dying," said lead author Janice Cipria, a professor of biochemistry and molecular biology at Massachusetts General Hospital who did not participate in previous research.

The dinosaurs were also able to support hypotheses to explain how they are now, rather than just to explain why they existed. In an interview, Cipria explained how the living dinosaurs may have also known how to survive in space, and not just to die.


“Hi” is the first to end a series on a series that is the first one of its best series of series series for series series and the video game series of the new episode series of new series of events and the first series in the world premiere at a new series of events that events the first one ☝️ I have to do a little thing in a bit but I’m not sure if it will help for you a little bit more to do it all right bye lol bye hi bye bye hi hello hi bye bye 👋 hi hi bye hi hello hello hi bye (this one was using the iOS word suggestion thingy)