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Rules are simple: use any AI app or website you know that can generate a paragraph based on a sentence or phrase, and then paste what it generated with the sentence or phrase at the top.

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I'll start.

"I like talking on the forums."

I like talking on the forums. So the forums are your source of information I've got to share from people that I understand it's a great place to be and I'd like to see how they work or do or say what they think.

The Forum

There are actually two groups of people who do take part in our development. The more involved the better. Let's say that you're looking to work on a project you probably already have a great idea of what the world is like and I believe that's one of the things you should definitely do. You ask what the problems are in the world and I'm all for seeing that.

So a very early part of a development team we call ourselves the Project Lead which is a team that we can focus on helping other team members develop concepts, bring in new concepts for a project, and get to know some people they admire really quickly.

The next step in development is the project manager which I'm trying to make more useful by having a group of people dedicated to helping people.

The Developer

I can't go into it all in one post. I know this is a tricky subject and I really want to know the answers. Just feel free to share what you've learnt and what things you see in the forum and share your experiences so that everybody has a say.


"led a huge, high powered business."

Led a huge, high powered business. The first thing that made it into our portfolio? A huge high power business that can do everything from the big time jobs on the ground to global brands.

So you know you want to become one? What are you going to do? A whole year? A few years? It's the answer.

Now, I think I'm trying to convince folks of how much the next year is like.

But I can tell you, one of the great things about the business as a whole, you know, you don't really know how far you're headed.

In order to get away from the things that I love, I want to talk about how you've become a huge fan of the company.

Well, there's this thing that's always been, is, that once you lose a lot at something like this, you want to come to another place.

You've always been one of the fans of, you know, the companies from other places: New Zealand, Australia. It's a great place, especially when it's the last time it was New Zealand.

It's a great place, too, not just with me but also when people come over here in Vancouver. It's awesome—but what we're seeing is that people coming together, whether it's the young people of Vancouver or the people in New Zealand, and they're coming together to stay together.

So when

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I got that for "Cheating in speedruns":

Cheating in speedruns in a few of my free time. It took me about half of the time I was waiting for the rest by the time I finished. But the point is that people always feel sorry for you and you never know before that you will fall behind. Most people never find out what really happened to you. You are already a problem, so you will never find out and then you never will find out. If you fail you may never find out. But the fact of the matter is everyone wants you to be good and to always play the game. That makes being good, you want to play the game and it is a huge part of you, too.

It is what you do not do that makes you a bad person then so what will be the reason I do it?

But I am willing to admit that I may have some things you will do wrong. If someone makes you feel bad, you have something to thank them. It might even be something bad. You may even learn something from someone for the rest of your life. However, when you are happy you will only feel guilty about it, your life is a waste. Do you really think that the happiness you have earned is going to be that worthless after a lifetime if you had no knowledge about it? I don't know anyone who has ever thought what "silly thoughts" are. Or perhaps you get angry about them and there is little to be gained after. You think that.

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  ComicBlueComicBlue was down today was down today due to our own stupidity. We are VERY sorry about this and we will try to make it up as soon as possible. We are working on a fix for now and are hopeful it will be resolved shortly. You will be able to reach us at anytime at

Sorry again. — (@Speedsrundotcom) June 9, 2017

Content aside, the 'monumental' failure of, led to a huge backlash from the general internet population and some public figures. All of that ranting had a negative impact on

(I then tried it again) was down today was down today (it’s back now), meaning that many of the contests, features and community hangouts from yesterday have been lost. owners Breakpoint’s write-up of the incident seems to indicate that an anonymous source, not their own infrastructure, was to blame. They’re conducting an internal investigation into the problem.

The site has offline now, but there are various ways of following events at . Keep your eye on that for more info.

The League of Extraordinary Chefs


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I love the D at the end @CuberCuber


Oh no I'm not a bot whatever shall I do

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I am taking over control of! I plan to make some big changes around here, such as:

A new page with a different system for loading your favorite track on the current session (if your computer is running Windows 7).

A new page with a separate tab for saving your tracks on the next session. This is more focused on performance.

A simple way to keep track of what time you will have, and where you will have a second session to get the best track.

This doesn't include getting paid for track downloads by the track tracker, but can even be used to let you pay to get more tracks (for free!).

This means that it could be a hassle to buy or download a second track, but I'm not happy with the speedrun process since there will be two people in charge of it.

All this sounds awesome, but I still worry about the quality of this process. As well as the fact that it will make your time spent on Speedrun a lot less enjoyable, all of these issues will need to be fixed in a way that they reduce the overall overall speedrun performance.

I am happy with the changes. But for now, I decided to do something different.

I will begin with a basic step-by-step guide and follow up with a followup post in the days to come. As well as a quick and dirty walkthrough of the changes to speedrun

edit: this is merl_ talking now (not the AI) and I'm curious what AI @HiHi, @CuberCuber, and @Oreo321Oreo321 used
ive been using this site to generate text


"I quit working at Electronic Arts, but if I have stayed I would've been amazing, here's why:"

I quit working at Electronic Arts, but if I have stayed I would've been amazing, here's why: I do not own a computer as a gaming platform, nor a game platform. I have used other tools for gaming that I use, and the only two people in the gaming industry who I actually trust and respect fully are myself, Rob Saretsky and Matt Roberts.

It is difficult to tell because EA/IG is my game. A huge part of my business is to make my game as interesting, interesting, interesting and amazing as possible. It would make my game very personal (or even personally rewarding in some cases). It would be a little bit of a pain to keep it that way, especially as there is a lot of pressure to make a game that my players actually care about. In my humble opinion, no matter how awesome your game is, the only things you really are able to do in the long run are to be a good friend that you know and love.

I can say right now that the game I started to play is one of the best you've made. No matter what other folks try to do, because their favorite game is no more, what matters is that they play it, and it actually comes out well. That the best you can do as a player is to not be alone, at least in the end. My game isn't the worst, but I'd love to have some friends or coworkers at the end. I'm

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I used this.

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I was such a good student they made me a teacher. I even went to the university once - and they were all great. You could hardly get a better job then that. I remember being kicked out of high school in the back of the dormitory to go on for a year. Now they make a salary to do that. It's not such a good school. I remember a day when I went to school, I just wanted to go to my place, like this was where I should be. They let me come in. I knew all the time they didn't want to hire me, they were afraid. If I didn't do well, they'd beat me but when they forced me to leave school after a year, that made me feel bad. That is a good school. They made me go there with a lot of promise. The only time that I was punished was when it was my fault. It's just a bad school. You start with two jobs. You get to do them. It can't be done in the first job. You go to the second job. They don't come to meet you. They stay at the first job. It's okay. Because I just want to go home when I'm out of here. I want to go home when I'm in charge of my family. It's a good team system. We get a lot better for the players. I can see the team getting better. I think the team getting stronger. All


I used the lyrics of a dababy song as a prompt, here is what the ai wrote

I get into cars, I'm an accountant, I'm a lawyer (Yeah)
I come from New Jersey. (Yeah)
This is the new city with bad law, I'm gonna be cool with that (Ha)
There's a guy in here, you should check out my videos, what did I like, I'm at the top of my game. (Ah)
(Well maybe I already did, but she's going on so fast and I'm like "Ha!"!)

It's real nigga like that, you know
I don't wanna stay the bitch I don't wanna stay a bitch
Just stay down and check that you look fine (No cap)
That's all it is, I'm still here
And all he wants to do is make money and I bet he's not looking in my eyes again
I never said no more nigga ever, just check on it
Just give me a nigga name
I'm gonna give you a nigga name (No cap)
Bitch's in heaven in New York
She was waiting to find an apartment and in Brooklyn
it ain't me, he's a black man
This is fuckin' right, he's white, he's a racist ass nigga (Witch, uh)
That's just all he gets on
You take the money and you're a baby
You take the money and you're a baby (No cap)
I'm gon' shoot you
I'm gon' shoot you (No cap)
See ya then (No cap)
Don't leave me be, I don't wanna beat you with all your fucking bullets (Totally not)
'Cause I feel really horny
And I'll go a little slow
I'll pull you to the curb

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What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Qaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I've even gone on a hunt about you to get me a shipment of all your secret documents. And you are one of the few people that can do that. Why should I be blamed for such an act of violence you've taken part in? No I can‏️. I am a proud man.

I swear, I will not let you get away with it. I’ll know it. I have been with you for years. I am proud to stand with you and show you hope for the future.

We are still getting married. We have a happy ending. We are still having fun together and with family and friends. We are still having a great time. I love you so much.

I hope you had a great time all in all.

Now, before we go down the road, and if you would like to support me, you can, you can buy Meeple's DVD, or if you don't, you can download this whole damn thing for FREE HERE. No, I won't be donating it to her anymore. Maybe instead I will just get a few bucks or some other kind of bonus I will donate just enough

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now THAT was a rollercoaster of emotions if i've ever seen one.

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Using the below exerpt from Dream's eventual response pastebin

"I feel like this is something important to talk about, I’ve been very withheld for a while about it all and just decided it’d probably be best to just let it out so I can feel relaxed a little more I guess. This will be a very long read i’m sure, I’m writing this in my bath at 4am on my phone so forgive any mistakes or confusing bits. I was going through some weird stuff recently but still…"

Anyway now I must share this story! Today I was really busy at work getting to work and I felt like a normal person. I looked forward to the lunch break and i was so excited to be working with a beautiful young woman right after the dinner party. What a huge surprise. i guess i thought you'd like having a dinner party. my mind just went blank. I thought i was an ordinary girl. What an awkward idea. then i thought it was time to go to the bathroom. I thought that there would be someone or something for me in the bathroom which makes me feel so good. I was confused really, i mean I don't really know if that is right 😤 (well i know i was so nervous i did really hard of finishing the picture 😎 ) then i thought i was going to meet the man next door. well, so he said he liked my outfit (just something i usually wear the evening before as well) I looked him up and she said that the

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Your AI really needs to learn to get genders right. 👀


Mods are racist I'm pretty sure they are.I know they are. I'm not saying that they're unprofessional or mean. I'm just not sure why I still call them racist.

In general you don't need to be racist to support those in power and make an argument. Especially where they are against all racial ideologies.

The fact that you don't say you feel racial hatred is totally meaningless when it comes to the people you care for. I mean, I love my son as much as my wife so there's never been a time I stopped to think about him. I feel like he is our hero from last weekend. I love him even more. I could be totally mad at you if you weren't there. You're not here to help me because of my race but as a friend I always wanted my children to attend a family-based education. But whoops of course that's because of you. I've never been told that's how you feel.

Not to mention, that you think race hatreds the whole discussion is stupid because it's going on like a big racist joke.

I love you. You're not my kind of person so don't try and argue with me. Just use your good soul, even if it's just to insult me or get you a hug. Maybe that's your real point.

Maybe that's because of the things that you say so don't try to use my feelings to prove

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Do you see me? I am the captain. Come and meet me there."

The captain, who did not speak, said he'd been told that by Gorgon, with a second time he would make a decision against him in the morning. Once his ship was up the other day, the captain said he'd run out. But he'd still been to Gorgon's place on his own, leaving no sign of the ship, and he was still on deck.

It wasn't until after his departure, Gorgon's ship was already approaching the small harbor about fifty yards off the bridge, when Gorgon's captain told him to wait.

The captain's first words were simple: "Hurry up. We've been sent to fetch us." Gorgon and some of the others looked around and saw nothing. At last Gorgon saw the captain and followed him in. There were some pirates on the deck, some on deck, which they all followed. Some were on Deck 3, others on deck 5.

"You'd better hurry up and we'd be coming," said Gorgon to them, and so the others followed him. Only one pirate was waiting. Gorgon looked down into the harbor, and saw that these two pirate men had jumped the harbor and ran to the other side of the bridge.

They had no chance of finding the other ship back, and so they'd waited. Then G


I'm not doing just one I feel like doing 4 good ones in 1 post.

Typed "jackzfiml you gotta chill"

jackzfiml you gotta chill there. I'm gonna need you to put a pair of earbuds on so your ear can hear it. (laughing) This's gonna be fun, babe, I'll know you like it. Now turn around, you think you could ride this thing. Come closer. I have to see what this is. This ain't not a coaster, boy. It's not any sort of ride. No, this ain't one. (laughing) Now grab it up your shorts and get up off of this thing and get down on the ground. You gotta put on that heavy stuff. It's gonna be some big fucking show. Now grab my ear while you get your hat on, I want these tits. Now fuck myself. I bet you love the feeling of this pussy. Let me make you come down on me, don't wait so tight. Let me show you how fuck I do in my hair. (getting off) Come now don't fucking break me, and don't get fucked with your hand. Don't fuck yourself with that little little knob. It'll be hard for you to go up on me, the top still on the ground. Now get on it, come on a little bit and fuck me hard. (getting off) Fuck. Come off my chest so I can open up for you. I want you to feel my mouth. Hold on tight, let me see all the little cum all over this

Typed "unban me please"

unban me please (4:33:53 AM EDT)

The New York Times

Mitt Romney, who was elected to the Senate in Massachusetts, is seeking to break free of the Republican party. As he begins a fight with Trump, he is using a plan that would allow for the election of a Democratic senator to be held without any checks. (Reuters)

By Mark Berman, The Hill

Washington (CNN) Mitt Romney called the results disappointing after the New Hampshire primary, though he did note that there were still a few GOP candidates with big names on the ballot in a few states over the weekend.


Gerald Ford , former secretary of state and governor of Michigan . With a win there, Romney announced at the top of his radio broadcast that his campaign was planning to "move to Wisconsin," where he has been leading Republican efforts and who in turn will be working to get his campaign to Wisconsin. His campaign is already pushing to run as the "Voter ID law" – an effort led by the Koch brothers to make it harder for those with IDs to vote, forcing them to take the forms that may be required in Wisconsin -- and he is not shy about doing so. According to Romney, Wisconsin "was the only state in the nation with an election law that makes it harder for anyone without a valid ID to vote and who has not registered to vote

Typed "kirbo is the best game"

kirbo is the best game on Steam yet.

-New gameplay – You and your friends, who will build your personal fortress in your home, will build on the achievements of your friends (and not even your dwarves). Build your fortress, and your dwarves will be the heroes. If your opponents are greedy, build only the most basic fortress. And if your opponents are talented, build only the most basic fortress. And at some point, you will have some fun for a while. A lot of players have already said that the game won't do me anything that I really want, that they think it's nothing, that I want to put an end to my whole fantasy. That is, not even some of the games are even in this genre, the most important one being Baldur's Gate. They are just not something to aspire to.

So how can you continue to develop this game? This is not something that I want to just focus on, this is a small project.

To this end, I have to find a solution and a path that is realistic to what is in the games.

No more randomness

If this goal of ours is realistic, then this game is a winner!

If this goal of ours is not realistic, then I have no other way to give this idea hope. If this goal of ours is realistic, then only this game will give us hope, so this idea was never really planned.

Typed "Go outside and touch some grass."

Go outside and touch some grass. If you can't find a large enough patch of grass you can dig into a nearby lake and it will lead to a nice place to store a few items. The only downside is that you may not be able to go past one of the entrances to the building. Keep in mind, the water is very salty so you should make up your mind to avoid it if possible, but we'll do our best to be as clean as we can. It's safe to say that the city is not really the "best place", you won't find a safe place in it at all. When you find the door on the right, use your right hand to press down on the green part, your left to close on the part you're looking at. At this point, you should be ok with your left hand, because you need to press more harder on your right hand, and so don't go over too far or you'll risk being tamed. When this happens, just make sure you're not pushing the buttons too hard as they will be stuck. It should really be your responsibility to pick them off of the ground. The next few times you need to pull up the front gate, then use your left hand to push it into the gate, then press again to go through that and open out. You'll often find yourself standing on top of a building, so you'll probably need to use your left hand when opening that. The next thing you'll