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Well soon flash is gonna be removed so i want to know... what were your favorite flash games?


Time Fcuk. I've played through the "Enter the Unknown" mode hundreds of times.

There are also many tower defense games I loved, but I particularly remember the Ghost Hacker games by CoreSector & Triple Tower Defense.


The Riddle School series, its a fun series of Point and Click with some wack plot starting with the 4th game. I also love the developer behind it, Jonochrome, his work is great.

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Back when I used to play/watch Stickpage games when I was a kid, I absolutely loved that one where you had a mission to snipe certain people. There were sometimes a special rule involved in who you killed, like shooting a branch that fell on the target to make it look like an accident.

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I played so many of them back in ~2007-2011 (the early years of Kongregate). If I have to pick favourites from several genres...

"Robot Wants" series, Snailiad, Sonny 1 and 2, "Epic War" series, "Mardek RPG" series, "Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe" series, "Henry Stickmin" series, "Epic Battle Fantasy" series, everything by Jmtb02, William and Sly 1 and 2, Kingdom Rush, Meat Boy

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too many

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Shoutouts also to Nitrome games, some of the highest quality flash games out there.

If you're all unaware, I would look into BlueMaxima's Flashpoint so you can play Flash games next year and beyond.

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My favorite Flash Games were the Backyardigans Flash Games. I love them alot and they are filled with nostalgia. I especially loved the show. I love the backyardigans so much, i'm going to do a speedrun marathon of the flash games!


Not a flashgame, but posemaniacs is unusable now when flashplayer is gone.


Literally anything Miniclip made

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Ultimate Flash Sonic and the Duck Life series


I don't know... Infectonator 2, maybe. I played a lot Dawn of the Dragons too although it was a bad game lol.


Skywire, Skywire VIP And Super mario 63 is my favorite flash game.


Red Ball Series


The remaster and old versions of the Henry Stickmin flash games. (btw they both run on flash. At least I think it does run on flash for the remaster. I mean it was made using adobe animate. the old versions run on bog standard flash.)

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Karoshi Suicide Salaryman and Super Karoshi have long been my two guilty pleasures when it comes to flashgames. The movement in both games is right on point and I just find them hilarious.

Big shoutout to Platform Racing and Platform Racing 2, I also played those to death.


I played red ball, 60 second burger run, etc. but my favorite had to be Orisinal. It was actually the first game I ever played I think. A lot of you probably haven't heard of it because its very old (came out in 2001, but I played it in the late 2000s.). It's actually a collection of several games, all made in flash.

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there are many in fact but I prefer these ones personnally
Alien Hominid
Meat Boy
Super House Of Dead Ninjas
what about you guys?


I used to spend a lot of my time on Newgrounds and Kongregate so I played a bunch of different games but my top 3 were:

-Newground Rumble
-Punk-O-Matic 2
-Strike Force Heroes