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To me, my favorite flavor is Pepperoni

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personnaly, the best one i've had so far in terms of flavor is one i made a while ago :

Tomato sauce for the base
Paprika (mostly to add color to the mozzarella, i don't put enough for the paprika flavor itself to be noticeable)
Green, Yellow and Red peppers

to be fair though, i love pizzas in general, so most of the time even a simple margherita is enough for me

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I used to work at Dominos, so after shifts I would get a little 7" that I loaded with: liquid cheese, garlic butter, sauce, cheese, blue cheese, salami, bacon and chicken. Now that was a pi. When I get chilled pizza from the supermarket I go for stonebaked spinach and ricotta; though I have to add a half tub of ricotta these days because they shrinkflated the topping so much. From frozen, I go for a stuffed crust cheese, then add pepperoni, smoked ham, and pineapple.

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@hot_temmiehot_temmie honestly it's really good
i barely use peppers anymore because i'm too lazy though 😛

@petaQpetaQ wow you worked at Dominos ? that's cool
i actually used to order a lot from Dominos, but ever since they've changed recipes i kept getting stomach aches so i had to stop 😕
it was pretty cool though before that, i'd often see old friends from school because they somehow all ended up working at the place i'd order from lol


Chicken with bbq sauce

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I am a bad, terrible, and evil person for feeling this way, but I feel that plain cheese is the best. I am also partial to sausage and jalapenos though. Not a total monster.

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Nothing wrong with a good cheese pizza

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Pepperoni all the way.


Pepperoni and sausage pizza with extra cheese and sauce. Damn, now I'm hungry.

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All this is "american pizza", I've always wanted to try a true pizza from the source....Italy. Otherwise, there's a lot of "okay to very good pizzas" and I don't have much of a strong preference of who I prefer, pizza has changed a lot in 20 years and I remember loving Pizza Hut when they used to actually make their crust way thicker but nowadays I think I lean a bit towards places like Breadduex and Godthers.

Has anyone ever been there and eaten pizza there in Italy? How does it compared to the American version?

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Breadduex and Godthers.

Never heard of these, but to be fair in France you mostly hear about either Dominos or Pizza Hut (though at the beginning, Dominos wasn't too popular, instead we had S.O.S. Pizzas wich was the best, but it disappeared all of a sudden, and that's when Dominos became popular here)

So yeah, these are the big 2 ones over here now, though there's still some other places for pizzas (in fact some restaurants started delivering too)

I actually had a friend try italian pizzas years ago, from what he told me it's pretty different compared to other places, sadly though i haven't got the chance to try italian pizzas yet

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Oops, made a couple typos I meant "Breadeaux and Godfathers" both of these may be a midwest thing and not everywhere in the US but Breadeaux is highly known for its "French Bread Crust Pizza" and Godfathers is more known for their thicker crust and heavier cheese usage.

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My wife has eaten pizza at a few places in Italy back in the day. She seemed to think it was about as hit or miss as it is around here, though very different in general to what us USA folks are used to. Seems to think it tastes fresher?

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pep, mushroom, sauteed onion, green pepper, red pepper flake

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I'm boring I love margarita haha I used to like donner meat pizza but since I went vegi I haven't eaten it since but I loved that one haha

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I like pepperoni, salami, banana pepper, romono parm cheese, onions. Lots of garlic in the sauce.

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pepperoni with feta cheese on top garlic dip

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