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Well, let's use the results on this topic then :
- If we are a kind of representation of the society, the number of the whole people who attended here is 100%
- Most of people here, whatever the reasons, are against your idea of the control of the lurkers, so this part is an
amount of %people you won't expect to go to your discord (which represents a big one here).
- What is left are the lurkers, and people who agree on your terms. According to this topic, this part is a weak%.
- The number of attendees may seem low, but the rest of the people are basically people who don't care about it, or other lurkers, and the lurkers are supposed to be treated with a specific status on your discord already.

These are the actual facts. And we don't even know if the content of the discord will be interesting enough to make the few people left join your group and be active on it.

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@v_input_ouput So instead of admitting that you lied about me to form your mess of a narrative, you basically said "no u" and left it at that. Why did anyone take you seriously again? It's really really sad actually.
@Liv I thought I made my point clear. There is no reason for you to ask if the answer is right there in front of you. You are just far too lazy to look for it or to fully pay attention.
@Dickson This is again an example of someone putting words in my mouth. I challenge you to find where I said I didn't care to post anymore. What I did say was I didn't care about the main topic of this thread which was about my controversial rule. As a matter of fact I gave up a long time ago about getting an informed opinion once I saw the atrocious responses. Now I'm just having fun pointing out where everyone is misquoting me. It's a good representation of how many people actually listen on these forums.
@Yajijy That's some good mental gymnastics if I've ever seen them. This forum is just a microcosm of the amount of people that exist. This small piece of shit community is literally nothing. So using them as a representation of anything is useless.


@Backspaced I'm actually waiting for this thread to be locked at a point where I can't defend myself any longer. Possibly with a snarky comment from the mods with a false sense of righteousness. This has happened once before with a thread I made. This is the last thread I will make asking for informed opinions because honestly I'm not going to find them on this site. I should have known from past experiences that nobody actually cares to listen to everything I say and constantly misquotes me thus derailing the thread with something that never even happened.

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