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lol r/iamverysmart


@MelonSlice This is yet another case of you taking what I say and misinterpreting it. Not surprising since everybody here has done it. I never once said that an opinion is right or wrong. The veracity of an opinion cannot be quantified. What I said was an opinion can be worthless. This has nothing to do with truth but do to do with utility. If your opinion is not based in reality then it's completely worthless. For example, if someone has schizophrenia and believes lizard people are after him, his opinions of reality are worth a lot less than someone who is sane. It's all on a spectrum. And sorry to say but your opinions are not on the useful side. And thus, I should not use them to build upon.

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Good luck to everyone that still tries

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What part of those quotes have anything to do with an expanding brain?
The expanding brain meme has to do with an escalation of thought.
I did not imply that my thought was above anyone else's, just that we are on different thought patterns.
And it is due to the difference of thought patterns that we aren't communicating well.
@Julz I never once said I was smarter than anyone.

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Guys, I really don't give a shit about the topic anymore I'm just riding this out until I trigger a moderator to lock this thread right at the moment where I can't defend myself. That would be epic.


@MelonSlice I love how you upvote every post that agrees with you. It's almost as if you are just as close minded as you believe I am. Perhaps a bit of projection?

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Thank you for being obvious with your red flags. I appreciate your forwardness with them. I'll make sure to avoid you whenever possible.

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What they weren't agreeing with me at all I just agreed with them haha


Don't you find it odd that whenever an accusation is made it is never elaborated on?
I'm convinced the 3 people who upvoted your comment also have no idea what you are talking about.
The only reason they did so was because what you said was against me.
Matter of semantics, darling. Both are equally simple minded.

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Ohhh darling quite fancy why thank you monsieur.

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It's almost as if you don't even care.
And you wonder why I didn't take your advice seriously.

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I was serious to begin with but what's the point no point keeping this serious when no one opinions mold to your opinions so may as well have some fun. You know dude this thread has made me laugh to much been good for me especially with life right now. This is the best.

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Make that 4 upboats boi1!!

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Nowhere have I stated such nonsense.
"claiming that nobody else's opinion is rationally based if it disagrees with yours"
And you're saying that I'm out of touch with reality?
You are literally putting words in my mouth and people are congratulating you for it.
Then you go on to lie again by saying that I'm setting up "some power dynamic as people are only "useful" to you when they agree with you"
Again this is completely false and a demonstration of your lack of ability to listen.
I accept opinions when they are grounded in some kind of reality.
I respect and get a long with a lot of people who I don't agree with.
Also, I made a whole post about the difference between veracity and usefulness. They are 2 different things. What is the point of posting anything if you aren't going to listen?

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You tell me, dude.


What are you even looking for, dude? Some reaffirmation that your idea wasn't wholly terrible? If no one is understanding your point, perhaps your point was just badly put across or didn't even exist to begin with?

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leo, my guy, if you say you don't care about drama anymore, you're supposed to stop responding. that's day 1 drama dude


I don't understand. Is this a joke because you're bored or are you that out of touch with basic social interaction?

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