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Currently I'm taking a step back from speedrunning. Not stopping but just doing it less commonly. I wanted to do something else that doesn't feel entirely useless.

For all the years I dreamed of being talented at drawing but always said to myself "You suck, you will never be good, don't even try". 2 weeks ago I bought myself a graphics tablet and started drawing various cartoon stuff and I REALLY do enjoy it. Even more than gaming at the moment. I'm still not good but I already get better and it's quite a motivation to keep going.

What are your hobbies / talents? Do you have similar experiences with something else?

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(real answer: In terms of other hobbies, I've always been an avid runner and Ive been studying programming since I was 14 so Im always messing with/improving myself there).


Programming and Gaming, i would love to draw but couldnt improve since Kindergarden, sooooo yea.

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Programming here as well. I do some casual games with friends and go out from time to time. Not allot or anything special but it's a nice variation for me 🙂

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I don't have hobbies, but I'm trying to get into programming & playing the guitar.

One of my talents is starting something over and over again (usually without finishing it) w/o it ever getting boring to me

/edit: thinking about it it's probably not much of a talent, as this applies to all speedrunners.

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I have a talent of becoming popular within the first days of school. I've done it twice.

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Gaming, PC builds and repair. I recently learned the basics on electronics, sometimes I like to tinker with stuff I won't use anymore (better to use it to improve my skills and learn than to just toss it in the bin :P).

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Beer brewing and screaming at football games.

Er... American football games.


Magic tricks. Just got a deck one day and started learning, now I know a few things and people are always surprised how easy it is.


decent at drawing and can lick the tip of my dick

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Cooking, reading books, travelling, going to cinema, doing some sports and of course I've been into drawing just like you but have never used electronic stuff to create my works(I've been into pencil drawings btw), that's nothing special but all of those activities have been a treat to me 🙂

Speaking of the "talents" I really have no idea what to say, nor even if had I some I'd rather not brag of that by talking boastfully about that. 😛

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I'm not sure if this counts as a talent, but I guess I should also say that females at my school are very open to talking to me. Most of my friends are female, too.


Gaming, betting on games, programming, reading books and travelling. I can harden my nipples with willpower

Also I like to pet random dogs


Did you intentionally search for the 3 oldest threads you could find and bump them

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Well seeing its back from the dead might as well carry it on, I make giant pixel art in minecraft like this: as well as play games as fast as I can sometimes.


Professional gaming here I'm trying to make it onto a team to compete in the big leagues. Other than that I studied the martial arts my whole life Judo, Boxing, Tang Soo Do, and Krav Maga. I'm currently training to become a private military contractor airborne infantry. Going back to college for computer programming and criminal profiler for the FBI. I live in Pennsylvania and I'm trying to get into university of Pennsylvania college in Philly but they require a high GPA over 3.0 to get into the college but that's 2 1/2 hours away from where I live.