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Number 1: ask a very simple question on the forums
Number 2: get told to go to another thread.
Number 3: find a dead 3yo thread with no actual answer
Number 4: re ask the question (while bumping)
Number 5: get told to not bump old threads
Number 6: Wyoming, July 6th 1995

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Me when I go through 10 pages of threads whenever I'm about to make a post so I don't anger the forum trolls.

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I'm sorry, but there already is a thread for this.

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Yes, @valhallavalhalla.... you’ve posted it here instead of somewhere else, then you bumped an OLD thread. Please... where’s Wyoming, July 6th 1995


Wyoming is in Wyoming. It doesn't exist

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Or don't say anything at all (my reply breaks this rule though)

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what happened in Wyoming, July 6th 1995?

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