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Ragnarok Online, 7 ~ 8 years iirc, not counting the mobile versions


Runescape, for about 6 years.


RS, uh 19 years? CS 20-21ish years?

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Sorry that this has nothing to do with the discussion. I have an important question. If there has been no active mods on a game for months, or years, how can I become a moderator for a game? But mine is Super Mario Bros. Wii. About a year. Haven’t been speedrunning long.


First, please never post an irrelevant thing on a thread. Make your own thread next time. Second, Super Mario Bros. Wii definitely has active mods. So there's no need for you to be added. In the event the mods are actually inactive, there's a thread in the site forum specifically for that purpose.


Also don't post the same question in multiple threads. Your question will be answered in due time. You'll get the same answer both times.


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I'm disappointed that I'm the first one to mention this in 4 days.

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I've been on and off Destiny since September 2014


I played a lot and I mean A LOT of Wolfenstein Enemy Territory. I was playing for so many years it's not even funny. I still load up every now and then.


a habbo hotel clone called Prohotelli (that was taken down sometime ago) for 4 years maybe


Chess. The irony is it is played offline and online. You might want to ask a game that can only exclusively be played online unless you did already.

Resistance: Avalon is one I've mostly played online.