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So, I started my account 3 days ago and uploaded a few speedruns. Now, I've got a DM from one of the mods of the game I've been speedrunning. I think it might be something that I need to read if I want to continue speedrunning the game. However, when I try to open it, it says I can't send DMs on a new account. It won't let me read it, but it just says I can't send any DMs. Is there any way that I could get around this to read the DM, or do I just have to wait it out?


New accounts, up to 7 days, can't send direct messages.
I didn't knew they couldn't read them as well (possible bug?).

Either wait until your account is 7 days old,
or contact the moderators in social media - the moderators for this game have Twitch, Discord, or Twitter.

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