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For those who dont know the UnusAnnus ARG I'm referring to its an ongoing ARG with the goal of figuring out who runs the @UnusAnnusUnusAnnus account. I thought it would be fun to log all the evendence in one place, so this is all of the evidence that I know of.

Thread: Unus Annus

This thread doesn't tell us much besides this hint
"HE is a FAIRLY active member of sr.c..."

there's a lot of speculation in the comments so for more evidence go check those out

Thread: hi, I'm out

In this thread @UnusAnnusUnusAnnus seems to be calling for help, he also say he has to post the thread before "he" finds out

"but i mea- oh god, hes coming, quick. i have to post this before he finds out"

following this is a link to a google drive
UnusAnnus missing persons case

Link to google drive:

so going throue these one at a time its is what we find

@UnusAnnusUnusAnnus talks about being stuck in a loop.
"Im stuck in a endless loop, i cant get out"

they also say that there only possession is a picture of there cat "greg"
"all i have on me are pictures of my beloved cat, greg"

above that is some morse code that translates to

I fiddled around with it for a while but I couldn't get the link to go any where

the only thing in the text file is
"come back 9/20/21"
so... yeah

Run.wav and Unkown.wav:
these are just noises
@DareDare suggested that the noises could be ran through a spectrogram "The audio probably needs a spectrogram."
so if anyone knows how to do that, there you go

UnusAnnus missing persons case:
this seems to suggest that UnusAnnus is a person who has gone missing we also hear about there cat "greg" again

"Unus "James" Annus has gone missing as of 9/9/2021, he was last seen online browsing 4-chan, he has gone missing from his home for several months, a cat with the nametag of "Greg" was found in the household, he looked very polite."

weeeeellll that's all the stuff from the google doc

Thread: aopz pz h jhss mvy olsw.

lastly this thread has a message incoded with a ceaser cypher
it translates to

"this is a call for help

help me, they took everything i have, my house, my cat, my computer. and they will soon take away my life.

i regret everything, this was a mistake.

run. run while you still can.
w-w-wait! i wasnt doing anything!
551436 13371599410622 1760 0685 3896 3106 64443 324506 29 14272328 05492822 55024328
- Unus "James" Annus"

once again we hear that all of UnusAnnus's things have been taken from them we still don't know who the "they" there refuring to is (probably related to the "he" in the Hi, I'm out thread)

side note: I have tried everything but I for the life of me can not figure out what the numbers mean.

also through out there run submissions and there comments
they mention Merl_ a lot (probably unraleted)

And thats it, i would like end by thanking @UnusAnnusUnusAnnus for a few hours of fun.

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I'm not sure any of these lead anywhere, but props for the effort

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Thanks for the evidence👍


Doesn't it lead to @jamesjames? Or is that too obvious?


im not a fan of the ungus angus threads


I know who he is


thanks for mentioning greg...
I still remember his favorite game, four-square

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