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What is it you dream of? What is your goal in life? What type of person are you? Take this as a moment to talk a little about your self! Heck tell your life story if you really feel like it! I've meet many of you but haven't had much discussion other than a hello and some rare chats. So here I am! With my first thread to get to know you! I believe everyone has a story hidden. So I'd like to hear yours! Even if you don't have something that impressive. Just keep it humble 😉 Can't wait to see what you have to say!

My goal is to throw my friend list out the window and be friends with people from all around the globe! I don't care to be remembered or cared about. I lack caring for myself other than basic health workout and safety. Everything I do is for others. Although this sounds like a brag, it's honestly more of a silent cry for help. Sadly, only I can help myself. I'm improving a little more everyday. I've been through depression, I've heard all the stories of suffering, I've written every story and poem. Most of my time is spent saying hello or welcoming people somewhere. The rest is spent immersing myself into a gaming or anime world. I've let my username take over my life and I never want to leave.

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Not a whole lot to say for me. I work in the non-profit sector for job 1 and work at a gym for job 2. I boxed amateur when I was young and fell in love with the sport. In my free time I play Chess, speedrun retro games and write articles about Boxing (Can you tell I really like Boxing Kappa). One day I hope to own my own Boxing gym/club and manage/train professional fighters to help them thrive financially as well as in the ring.
Fun Fact: I worked in collections for 6 years and it put me on depression meds until I quit and moved to a different field. Since then, I've been able to stop taking meds and successfully manage!

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I have been incredibly fortunate throughout my life to have been raised the way I have. I was born into an upper-middle class family, I have very lenient and accepting parents, and my I've grown up with two sisters, which is actually a big deal as I think that a lot of my personality and such comes from that (me and my eldest-youngest sister were very close). I've always been bullied a little bit at school, whether it's been for being ginger or being gay, but it's never been physical and I've always been able to brush it off. Although you may not see it in the way I act, I am actually quite a smart kid (although I don't like to brag). I am a social person, I like talking to people, and I've never really felt ostracized or outcasted, despite not being very popular, and being very different, because I've always had a small but very close group of friends. Tl;dr I'm a very lucky kid.

Some of my main interests are music and The Simpsons. I can't produce music for the life of me (god knows I've tried), but I know a lot about it, and I know a lot about various regions of music as well. I get a lot of my music tastes from both of my parents, I like a lot of the songs they played to me when I was little, and I've inherited all of their CDs, so I get a lot of influence from there, too. The Simpsons is one of my favourite things on earth, I love the earlier series and I know a lot about them, too. Video game wise, I've always been a huge Pokémon nerd, and I've played through all of the games at least once (a few over 10). I've never really tried to speedrun a Pokémon game, but I used to play a fair amount of competitive (I sucked dick). More recently, I've been enjoying Stardew Valley.

When I was younger, I always wanted to do big things, like go to Mars or cure cancer, and because of my awesome parents, I was never put down or mocked for having these dreams. As a result, I had them for a long time, and it's only recently that I've grown out of them. I now don't care what I do when I grow up, but I don't want incredibly long hours, and I want to be happy. As cheesy as it sounds, that is my dream: happiness in the adult world.

I've been incredibly lucky to be where I am today, and I will always be grateful for that. If my share of luck runs out down the line, then so be it, but as long as I'm happy, I'll pull through.

God almighty I do like to talk about myself.

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Aside from being a speedrunner, I'm also an aspiring game developer. I'm currently enrolled in a college program specifically for game programming, and when I graduate I'm hoping to start working at one of the AAA game companies in my area. But I also have my own aspirations and ideas for games I'd like to make. I don't think I'll ever fully take on indie development, I like having a stable income and don't think I could handle the stress of doing that full time, but I still want to work on some of these ideas in my spare time. There's one idea in particular that I've been building up and iterating on for the last 5-6 years on-and-off, and I definitely want to make that game before I die. Though, I worry that it may be too ambitious to complete, at least on my own.

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Can't say I really have any goals. Only one I have currently is to make it to adulthood and to be able to be relatively comfortable living through it. I guess if I had to go broader I'd say being able to have a job with something I enjoy-marketing, journalism, something like that to be able to fuel my love for speedrunning.

I can't find much happiness now, so I guess what my ultimate goal is is to be happy in the future.

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What? Did you think everything I said was for show? No I'm actually coming back to read everything. 😛 So even if you feel no one cares just know, yeah, I'm reading yours! As I said this is seriously for me to get to know the community better. So I hope reading THIS message a few more of you will feel like coming forward! Please, even if I don't know you, I'd love to! If you need a friend today, just chat with me on discord! Or heck, even right here! One fun fact about me, I can't breathe when I read. So I'm having to take a break between every few lines of text. Figured that might inspire someone out there. AND IF I CALLED YOU MAN OR GIRL YOURE A ATTACK HELICOPTER DEAL WITH IT

@TheGreatToddman Boxing would be so cool! How'd you do? What fighting style did you go with? I started playing chess in high school and still to do this day! I taught my little sister and we play often. She's actually used the guide I'm linking below to learn! Yes, I've lost to her before. Though I never lost to anyone in school. Chess is such a beautiful game! Great to hear you've handled your depression fairly well! That can be difficult for some.

@paintophobia Wow hello text box! 😃 I'll enjoy reading this one! I do feel a lot of parents are very strict in many aspects of parenting. My parents I feel were way to loose and as such I never took anything seriously until it became an issue. Though I feel that's better than stressing your kid out to do the best they can. I mean, most people live with their parents for what? 14-20ish years? Roughly That's a lot of time to maintain straight A's and such. All in that balance my man. I feel a lot of people including myself were bullied or have been at least once in our life time. In some form or another. Sounds like you handled it better than most would, that's wonderful to hear.

Although you may not see it in the way I act, I am actually quite a smart kid

A sentence I have to say to people very often! #RELATABLE followed quickly by #humblebrag. That's so nice. I never really had any friends until, 8th grade or so. I was much closer to the teachers before then. Heck, I even chatted with the janitor. I feel a lot of people have the mindset of, I can't do it for one reason or another and it's often an excuse. From the sound of it, I think you just don't have the resources or material to make music. You have the passion the talent and knowledge, you just need a place to start the car. I'd love to listen to some of your music if you ever made any. Hope you can get that going at some point! Alright, here we go. everyoone down below sing with me, pokemon gotta catch em aaaal! I was quite the fan of pokemon myself but could never get really attached to it. I would wake up and watch pokemon in the morning and I played two games but that was about it. Fire red and emerald if you care to know. Shockingly fire red is the one I never beaten... Until my cringe play through that I really feel like taking down from YouTube. I hear there are some insane pokemoin 1v1 tournament and such. Seems cool but I don't know where to find any. Why is everyone lately getting into stardew valley! Happiness is a good and important goal my man. 🙂 Long as you have the mindset of reaching your hand out for a friend I don't see a problem with that. I'm 21 and still believe anyone can change the world. If you are willing to put your time until doing something, you can. Everyone starts from the same starting point you know? So you could easily reach your idol. I always tell people that if something or someone inspires you, you should try it. For example, maybe your idol is a football player. Why are you sitting there watch it, when you could be out doing it and learning? You actually have it easier as you won't make their mistakes. They've made a path for you, follow it. Or go about it your own way and be original. There is always someone worse off my man. Good to see you don't take much for granted. 🙂

@ShikenNuggets Send me your games in the future my man! Believe we've talked before? Either way, I'm really curious what type of games you focus on. Wow talk about huge goals! 😊 Shoot high and run for it my man! I think it would be amazing to see someone with your goal make something on their own! You all must have amazing ideas to work with surely you can make something without a group of people. I bet you'd be tied down a little much. You can do it! You have my support! If there is anything I can do let me know. Not that I have much to give, but I am excited and have a bit of cash to send people's way.

@starsmiley OH THANIK GOD SOMETHING SHORT XD It's good to think that way as a child. Most kid-teens (dont know where you are) or even young adults stress themselves way to much. As such they always fall shorter than if they were to just take it slow. Get some decent greats make some friends and you'll be good to go! Journalism? Is that what it sounds like? Writing for webpages or newpapers and such? That could be really cool and unique job! I don't know what all you could be going through obviously but I can tell you it gets better. I attempted suicide many times, although I won't go into deal about it here and how I struggled, it's important that you know. Life gets better. Even when you think it's all over and you space out from a lack of energy or caring. There is someone going through more and pushing through. You can do whatever you dream of. Just take a moment to breathe and treat yourself! 🙂

I did not think people would actually reply to this I couldn't be happier than I am in this moment!

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I'm a 16 year old girl with aspergers. I'll be a high school junior once summer's over. My biggest dream is to make my own comic book series. That's all I can think of, for now.

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I have aspergers to! 😊 Any idea what you'd like your comics to be about or what characters you want?

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My dreams have a lot to do with the struggles and just life stuff I guess that's been going on. A big part of my dream is to do with dyslexia I have I know it is super common but idk it really made me push myself so here it is sorry in advance 😊.

Growing up though I never knew I had dyslexia, I just thought I was really dumb, I found it so hard to read and writing I struggled with more, I could never articulate my ideas properly and my writing was so bad I am surprised anyone could read it, to be honest, I just got sick of it in the end I diddn't want to be dumb, stupid or seen as such by other people but I had no clue where to start tbh, when I came across this book the writing was perfect it wasn't childish but the text was bigger than normal and I could read it and it wasn't a little kids book, I was around 11 at the time, this was magical to me, the stories were really fun. Reason I got really in to manga around this time too because if I was struggling with anything I could look at the pictures or other things, this continues throughout high school of me keeping every single textbook from every year I worked hard on improving my writing and every year I can see an improvement, my spelling still sucked and it still does now but people could read my writing so I was happy.

I had many other problems growing up but I feel like they don't interact with my dream as much so I won't be talking about them plus I don't feel ready to discuss these topics. Going back to that book though it really inspired me I want to help people understand just like that book helped me understand how reading works and introduced me to a whole new world of books that I love and always will. Helping people really plays in to my interests as well but also still setting my self goals and showing people I can do it, like languages are a big interest to me but it can be harder for dyslexic people to learn them but not impossible I want to prove to myself I can do it and help show other people they can do it too. I don't really care about what job I get tbh as long as I can help someone, seems dumb but its a dream so there it is.

I know this is poorly written and I applaud anyone who gets through this. I am really sorry. Also Chryoyo thankyou for that time I came to you for help I still really appreciate it made me feel a lot better and I love your dream I hope it comes true but please look after yourself too. 😊

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Ooh this looks like it'll be a good one.

I was given a tool to use in school. I could type on it and then transfer the data to a computer. This was chosen because at the time I typed at 60wpm and had horrible hand writing. I kinda regret using this tool. It was good if I needed to write out an essay, but because I never wrote I never improved. It's good to hear you pushed through and improved! I'm sure it was rough.

That's awesome! The struggles you go through can help you understand how others feel. It's hard to understand someone who acts differently from everyone else. Or to get why depression is so powerful. etc etc. Showing people they can overcome their own obstacles is great, but taking care of your own problems is so much more important. You can't help others until you've been helped sometimes. That last sentence you wrote in this paragraph is a powerful one. Honestly, if you can help someone in someway, your life is a success. Also, referring to having such a job, it's not stupid. It's serious and you want it. I say go for it dude.

I actually read this fairly easily. SeemsGood Hey no problem! I'm always here for you. Well thank you!

One last thing, which I'm sure you already know, some browsers have an option to increase font size. 😉

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^^ thanks, my reading is at a laptop point now where I can read small text I just struggle with some fonts and evil captcha I always send pictures to my friends to read them haha, but thanks 🙂. My teachers never knew I had problems besides putting me in the special classes so I never got any help sadly, but it happened. Thank you 🙂 I hope other people share too 😊

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@chryoyo I do have an idea. It's about 5 orphans trying to survive on the streets of Victorian Era London.

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Another FNAF storyline! 😮 Kappa
Sounds like you have quite the concept. I'd love to check it out when you get on it.

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@chryoyo What does that have to do with FNAF lol

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"I have a dream that one day..." lol
Well I have had social anxiety pretty much my whole life and now in my early 30s I feel I finally have a good grasp of it. Going through school and work was very difficult, but all those people that told me that I would get used to it were right. Even if it only took over 10 years. The anxiety pretty much controlled my life for a long time. I have a couple goals/dreams. So far I completed some things on my list. Surviving into adulthood. Getting a steady job. Getting a house was another one. Have a couple more dreams.
Now the other ones I have are:
Find a good girl.
Start a family.
Learn to draw decently.
Get better at guitar.
Get better at programming.
Compose music.
Create a couple video games.
Perhaps start a company. Been rattling around in my head for a while. Recently I was threatened to be fired since I was on the phone in front of the office for a couple minutes. That really has changed my view of my "stable job". Gotta love how in the good ol USA companies can fire you for no reason seemingly.
Learn more biology and in some way contribute to advances against diseases.
And video game speedruns! Want to do Mother Russia Bleeds, Shinobi III, Azure Striker Gunvolt, and another Dark Wizard Speedrun. Does not need to be WR, since I have other things on my plate I am working on...

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1. Be an actor in a torture porn movie as a supporting/main character. (But I'm also ok with being a minor character.) Such as Saw..
2. Become a successful game developer.
3. Become popular on something.....

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I did not expect this thread to get so much love thank you, everyone! 😊 I've been in and out lately so you'll have to forgive this late response.
@ConkyJoe89 Look man, a simple hi is all it took to save my life. Activites to take your mind off things is sometimes all you need. Maybe a little social interaction. I don't think you using speedrunning as a coping mechanism is stupid in the slightest. If something helps you, you go for it.

That's wonderful! I hope you push forward with your life and encourage others to do the same! Best of luck to you! 🙂

@mojoh Everyone knows the five murdered children were orphans living in London. 😛

@theripper999 I was wondering when someone would do that. very classy reference sir. I can understand where you're coming from. Throughout most of my life, I never had any friends. Because of that, I didn't know how to talk to people. Anytime I tried speaking I'd always sound like a racist or a pedophile. Social adapting can be hard. I'm always afraid I'll say something wrong even now. I hope both our situations continue to improve over time.
I'm assuming this implies you've never had a lady friend? I think that's good. It means your looking for the right one. That's very important.
One thing at a time my man. 😉 Dream big though!
Drawing is really fun and great for many things!
I've always wanted to learn myself. Seems like it be fun. Maybe you'll even create your own song! 😮
Programming? Do you create websites or something?
Huh, I guess my questions just got answered.
I'd really prefer a job where I'm respected and my talents are needed. Anytime I go in for interviews I always ask to talk to the people in charge because of that. Have a nice five-minute conversation ya know?
Good to see you have priorities in order! 😊

That's a pretty specific goal! Just keep in mind it'll take awhile to climb the ranks. You could also make your own smaller movies with friends. Believe it or not, a lot of actors get started that way. Start with smaller plays and you'll get there I just know it! 🙂
Creating games is becoming easier than ever right now! I'm sure you could make something pretty decent for a buck or two. Do you have a storyline or genre in mind?
I wish you the best of luck in gaining fam! Just reach out to those around you who could help!

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@chryoyo k then

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