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Mine would have to be Runescape. One day I'll get around to speedrunning it.


Disgaea 2

-Great Story
-Great Comedic relief on the side
-fuckton of things to do

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Probably Mass Effect 2. I'm a console peasant so I'll likely never run it, but goddamn what a game.

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Well, The Last of Us, but if you mean a game that I play with any regularity, surely Binding of Isaac. That will likely fall from the "don't speedrun it" list sometime soon~ish though.

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Dark cloud its my favourite game ever. Also the first game I ever seen speedrun it was awesome I was so amazed 🙂 idk if I could ever run it maybe when I get more in to speedrunning right now I can just admire every new run 🙂

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Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain.

Love the game. Never want to run it.

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Probably Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story or Fantasy Life, hard to decide which ones better
Both long RPGs, likely never going to run them without huge amount of glitches or something

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Shadow of the Colossus
Shovel Knight

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The Halo franchise

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Pokémon B2W2. I've played through that game so many times (nuzlockes and just out of boredom) that no other game gives me the same feel anymore.

Obviously never want to run it, it's a Pokémon game. Pokémon runs are literal torture.

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Skyrim. It's tough to get a healthy "bunnies slaughtered" count when you're speedrunning it

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Skyrim speedruns are so intense. I love the ES games but the glitch abuse hurts to watch.


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Amazing game, awful speedgame.

Alternatively, Fallout: New Vegas, which I may end up running if I can get a good enough computer to do so.

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I am pretty sure that one day I won't have a favourite game anymore because I speedran all of them. This is not the case yet but ultimately this is what I'm working towards.

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Hell yeah, that's a great goal


Most of my PS3 games once I get a capture card.

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The legend of zelda ocarina of time, such a good game but way too hard to speedrun.

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Most of my PS4 games. If I really like the game (like horizon, gow, the witcher) I take all the side quests to have as much as it gives me.

And of course Dota 2!
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