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Why did my game request get rejected? Hasbro Family Game Night belongs to me, and @OddPandemoniumOddPandemonium didn’t get my permission to create this series, This is unacceptable. I need an explanation. Why does this happen? Who did this? The person who already requested it was one of my friends wtf. I was supposed to be the series mod. No questions asked. I’m confused..


Just reading this makes everything much more confusing.
What exactly are your problems?

- Rejected game request? You get a message with an explanation for that rejection
- Hasbro Family Game Night series currently have no series moderator, so what exactly is the problem
- "Belongs to me" - what...
- Everything else - what...

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@Oreo321Oreo321 sorry i overreacted. I was just utterly confused as to what has currently happened. You see, I was trying to get this series verified for 2 months, and now it’s finally here. I’m super excited to do this. But when one of the games in the series got rejected, I was shocked. But then I realized that someone else was also submitting the request, And they got it. Apparently, the person who turned out to get it instead of me was one of my friends. Was a bit awkward, but it made so much sense.
I was also implying on getting series mod since I now currently moderate all the games in the series now. I was actually intending on adding more games. They’re more games for the series that I wanted to add, but decided to start with the base games.
Sorry to completely being mad about everything here. I was just trying to get ready for this. But now since the games have been verified, I feel more motivated to do more runs.


Series moderation is currently under a lot of scrutiny mostly due to past mod abuse. That said, we are currently only handing out series moderation if absolutely necessary. Such as for very big series which deal with actual weekly or even daily workloads of adding games: mario, sonic, zelda, roblox, minecraft etcetera. If it doesn't serve that purpose, I personally feel like series moderation is nothing but a status icon anyway and is just a lot of unnecessary power given out for no reason. A common misconception as well amongst moderators is thinking that being a series mod automatically adds the series moderator as a game moderator for all the attached games to the series: that is not the case. Though, typically being requested with that motivation in mind.

Judging by your well.. overreaction? I just wanna say that you don't owe these games or boards. Let me be real clear on that.
Also, if these users are your friends, I don't see any issue with approaching them and requesting to be added as a moderator right?

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Yeah, that makes total sense now. I'm sorry that I asked about this in the first place. It makes a lot of sense now not to have any ridiculous moderators for a whole game series unless it's like a rom hack series. And yeah, I know my friends would like to be a series moderator, but because of this, I think it's pretty clear now that a series mod will make no sense.

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there a whole channel you could’ve brought this up on in the Speedrun discord?


Series Moderation, whilst it has its practical uses, tends to cause far more issues than it actually fixes. It's, I would say, one of the leading reasons so many games have mods who don't run the game in question, or mods who don't even know the game in question, you get the idea. This is because people get series mod (and there was a far more lax handling of giving series mod to people in the past, when it gives these user's the power to freely add games, which was always a bad idea in my opinion, to be so nonchalant about handing it out) and then rush to add absolutely every game possible within that series, despite the aforementioned complications. This is how series moderation should've always been handled.

Also I hope this entire post is satire, otherwise I believe the first post sums up my exact issues with it.

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