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These jokes are so cheesy, but they could be cheddar we just need some gouda puns because holy swiss our humor even makes aliens and muensters confused.

I'm so sorry for those "sharp" and "mildly" bad jokes


If you even consider speedrunning this game you should as fast as you can run away from all things internet. You're not that sadistic. Please walk around the park. Eat some cheese. Go do wonderful things in your life.
These are potentially months of your life you won't get back. GET A LIFE YOU NERD!

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What do you call cheese that isn't yours? Nacho Cheese!

omg @LXndxZzZLXndxZzZ, how cringe can you be.... ugh.

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Who played Captain Marvel in "Captain Marvel"?

"Brie" Larson

(Yeah I'll stop now it's for the cheddar)


A kid threw a chunk of cheddar at me today

Fortunately, it wasn't sharp.

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