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Any existing talk threads that are common topics you think are worth stickying here? Put em down below

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(edited: ) (What do you do aside from speedrunning?)
or (Speedrunning Stories)

sorry if these are unacceptable... but i think these can be good sticky threads.

Probably a good information site can be stickied, like:, which can prevent post-farming.

But guys, this is the talk forum, its off topic, no one gives a sh*t what random things we say here. lol

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talk forums is just a meme dump with a couple good question threads but nothing sticky worthy really

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Harsh yet true

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Just find talk threads that are good and not shit. You’ll probably find a good amount of threads.

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People just like the chain threads I guess. My favorite talk threads are the ones that get discussion going. Threads that ask bland questions like "What is your favorite color?" are boring because people just give their one word answer and move on. My favorite recent talk threads are:

I think all of these are worth a sticky. I also think that DBTC should be sticky, since it's the OG chain thread and it's the most popular talk thread. It has over 60 pages! If you sticky any thread at all, sticky this one.

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Stickied some. Trying to turn the Talk forums into a better place for discussion and stuff, if you still have ideas feel free to drop em in here still. I'll try to remember to check in

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I bet someone will bump this when there isn't too much activity.

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Not sure if stickying any talk threads other than maybe speedrun stories like someone said before would be useful for that, most threads are joke threads or chain ones which aren't that great for discussion.

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Tried to condense everything into a single post instead of having like 10 stickied talk threads:
I think having less stickied talk threads allows for more discussion as more recently responded to threads can be seen.

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