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Why does it feel like the speedrunning community is so.....small? I mean I wasn't expecting a ton of people to be on at all times, people have lives, but it feels like there is only a classroom size amount of people in the community as a whole. Is there any way we can fix it? Am I going insane? I would love to hear and meet everyone here, but it just feels like there is nobody around.


You really can only see people in the forums, so that's why it seems so small. But there are people who are constantly running and submitting.

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people kinda like to stay in their games communities instead
there are many games with many active runners even multiple hundreds in the most popular ones
the speedrunning community is kinda grouped to the games instead of being one big thing

and really the only general speedrunning place are these forums which also has its own small community of people you see in almost every thread

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I was wondering the same thing after signing up to be honest. It seemed that only several threads have relatively new posts, but after reading what Act7 and SioN said... that makes sense.

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In bigger game communities, you will find most of the runners/discussions on the games' discord server, instead of the game forums.

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Yeah, in my experience, you usually see more activity in the game's Discord rather than on the game's forum. It's just kind of easier to talk strats and whatnot there.

Most of the general forums users are here just to kill time or goof off like I do.

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The srcom forums are a very small subset of the community and mostly the same dozen or so folks filtering in and out. Definitely not the whole community- it's not a very conducive place for chatting.

Most discussion is game specific and happens in Discords for each game/series, which you can find on the game's leaderboard in most cases if it exists. Join for games you're learning or interested in. There's a general one for this site as well, which your mileage may vary for.

Besides that, a lot of talking and hanging out happens in streams while runners are doing attempts honestly. I met folks initially in the community just by watching runners from online marathons and people that I ran a game in common with. There's not really much of a problem to fix, think you may just be looking in the wrong place right now.


Forums are inactive, there's only so many people and so many topics to discuss, and communities stay to themselves because they have no need to share their own game's strats publicly. If you go into a community you'll find a lot of activity.


I'm here. You missed me? :]


People in the forums do not like it when random people bump random threads.

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@jackzfimljackzfiml how is this a random person, and how is he bumping a thread? the user signed up 4 months ago, and the last post is one day old

People in the forums do not like it when people are jerks to others for no good reason

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Originally posted by Merl_and how is he bumping a thread?
Probably because they replied to a 2 day old thread, but that isn't that bad tbh



the last post is one day old

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39 minute bump sorry guys

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5 minute bump. shit i'm in trouble.


the community gets smaller when the full time speedrunners get bigger. AKA people that play all day and all night and give no chance of people to have the motivation to play. Thanks to SRC, and some other socials, you can track their activity to see if they are no-lifing or not. But if you want the community to grow, stop letting people that play 24/7, play 24/7, it kills motivation for everyone else. Just look at some FPS speed games. Theres always 1 guy ontop of the boards and no one else plays em compeitively because there isn't a point.


there is always 1 guy on top of every board. thats how leaderboards work

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No im talking about people that overkill it SioN. Most people that may have been around longer then a few years might understand this more.


in my short 6 years ive somewhat been in the speedrunning community ive never seen anyone who plays a category 24/7 allways and overkills it. very often there is a dominant runner but that doesnt mean they "overkill" anything or play 24/7

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