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Hey guys...
I did a run yesterday which happens to be a PB.. but sadly the timer didn't split about 15 minutes before the actual end of the run, so I think I'd have to retime that run. (Also, the timer still was running but doesn't stop at the end, sooo is it even necessary to retime? :S)
So yeah, well i though, easy, just download the Highlight and edit a timer in with some editing program..
Now I have a freakin headache^^

So first, I'd have Camtasia Studio 7, I downloaded the highlight which happens to be an .flv file which isn't supported..

Alright so I convert it with some program.. kills a ll the quality of the video.

Also adding a timer seems to be not that easy, I though I just could add some kind of stopwatch or what ever, but google tells me I should record a timer and add that video, so I'd have to record a damn 1hr 15 minute video of a timer?
Seriously there has to be a better way..
I'd rather do another run than go though that stuff again...

So I guess I'm not the first who had to retime a run, how did you do it?

The video would be here if anyone needs to see

(Also hitbox processes the highlight since yesterday..?... oh my)

Thank you in advance

Cheers 🙂 o/


If you have the video, I think the easiest way to retime it is to stream it, and add in the timer like you usually do when you stream. It's a bit of a hassle to sit through 1h15m of video just to hit the split button twice, but there you go.

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EDIT: Alright did it now.. was a good way thanks moon! 🙂
Hope this doesn't happen again tho 😕

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Hum... haven't thought of that^^
Maybe I also could start the timer at 1hr before the splits stopped and if I can get it kinda synchron I stop it after the end?

Don't really know how exact they want it on the leaderboards..

Thanks tho, seems the best way to keep quality and is relatively easy^^


Runs on the leaderboard don't require having a timer on the recording, you just need to know the correct time and a mod will verify that.
Having a timer on makes that easier in most cases, but it's not a problem if there isn't one (as long as you submit the right time ofc)

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Oh, thank you for telling me! 🙂 Didn't know that at all^^


for example it is fine to submit the pure audio/video recording via something like youtube which has been done a few times. no timer needed since yt will give us a time by just subtracting two numbers

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True.. Well maybe it would even by an idea to write some of this down on the submission page so people are clear about this.. Don't know for sure but I think I'm not the only one who didn't know about this 😃


I have added "The timer does not have to be shown on the video, but the time must be verifiable. " to the rules of all the gta games, as well as making the rules show by default instead of hidden behind the show rules button, so they should be harder to miss.

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Edit: changed my mind


The reason I added it is that there's already a section about RTA, which might confuse people (?). Now, I would remove this entire section since it feels pretty obvious, but there's a reason I added it in the first place, so I'm kinda hesitant on doing so.


I'm not sure, I think it's useful for ppl like me who are pretty new and don't know stuff like that.. but maybe I just didn't inform myself enough in the first place^^
Otherwise.. maybe a little Speedrun FAQ for standard knowledge like this would be enough? 🙂