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If we're going by viewcount, Wikipedia says it's Baby Shark:

But we all know that's a big lie, because it should be one of these two:

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I wanna thank my friends who helped me push through, the developers who made this game, my mom for giving me birth, my dad for being there when I was born, my chemistry teacher for dismissing us 10 minutes before the bell, my classmate who explained how electromagnetic waves work, that same classmate for sharing the homemade cookies that he brought to school, the cookies for being so delicious, the Indian guy on youtube who showed how to precisely cut and put together segments in adobe premiere, the boys with whom I have a great time everyday, the boys for rescuing me out of my own basement after I realised that the door handle only works from outside, the clickbait youtubers for giving me inspiration for this video thumbnail, adobe for making premiere pro and photoshop, windows for adding the screenshot and crop function, you for reading this entire paragraph, my grandma for being very kind every time we visit her and for being the best cooker on the planet, sugar and salt for making food taste epic, corona for making me stay home and giving plenty of time to work on my projects, corona for reducing worldwide pollution, my cat for being cool and fluffy, my neighbour with whom I play basketball every summer, our backyard for being big enough to allow us play basketball, dignity for saying E 10 minutes straight during my 100% runs, my local market that has a really delicious sort of ice cream, youtube for making character limit 5000 meaning that I can type whatever I want, my family for not intervening while I was making voiceovers for this video, the community for appreciating this thumbnail, mario for having a sprite which almost looks like he's dabbing and all you have to do is put the second arm next to his face.

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@oo.D.W. Don't both those videos precede youtube? Anyway, I say it's The TV Show. It introduces 18 different storylines and manages to combine them all in just about every way possible in a little over 3 minutes:

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thats hard to choose but this one is the first one that i found on my liked videos that i though was good enough for this thread

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This is a masterpiece of nonsense. I don't understand the context at all and still don't know how to react.

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Can you stop responding to older threads

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There millions and maybe billions of amazing videos on YouTube, but this 6-Second Masterpiece is the very best of them all:

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Michael MJD's Installing Homebrew on Nintendo Wii New Version.

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I have a few nominations for the title of “best YouTube video” actually.

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They are usually out of date and could probably make hacking harder.
If you want a guide that's up to date, just use
(sorry if it sounds like a ad :/)

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Why would you bump this with a 14 year old meme that isn’t funny