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i have nothing to do and want a good movie to watch please recommend me a good movie

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It’s not a movie but it’s a good show.
Squid Game
Money Heist

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all ready watched and they are pretty good

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Frogs n' Faucets

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One of my favorite shows is called Mystery Science Theater 3000. Would recommend.

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Well, if you want fantasy, The Princess Bride is one of the best around.

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IT 2 (pretty old I know but it's still a really good horror movie imo).

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Free guy best movie ever

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you have to watch Frogs n' Faucets franchise
you have to start with
Frogs n' Faucets: The Sequal
Frogs n' Faucets: Return of the Faucets
Frogs n' Faucets: Water Leak
Frogs n' Faucets: 4
Frogs n' Faucets (the original, vol 1 out of 2048)
Frogs n' Faucets: rise of the frogs
Frogs n' Faucets: Lost n' Faucets 2

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say what you will but Frogs n' Faucets 3 : The Big Leap is and always will be my favorite, also i just rewatched the dubbed version of Ghost Stories and i believe it's a treat everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime

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I watched Malignant last night. If you want to watch a new horror movie with practical effects and a juicy payoff, this is it.
Not AMAZING but it definitely wasn't bad and I felt mostly entertained.

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Not a movie but Hilda is a nice netflix original.Only has 2 seasons though

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AlSo ReMeMbEr To WaTcH tHe EMOJI MOVIE THE BEST MOVIE OF ALL TIMES HANDS DOWN A 10/10 TDRYrdcyftvugybhnjhbgyufrdtgyubhvyutfdcrygfvn

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Train to Busan, good movie

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If no one's recommended it already, Mayhem.

Super good "Horror"/Action/Comedy. If you've ever seen The Belko Experiment, it's that but gorier and funnier

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The Meaning of Life is a perfect movie if you want to vomit 🙂

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