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Mine is Earthbound/Mother 2

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Mine is


I dont have an snes but I like mario games so it would be between smw and sm all stars

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super mario kart all the way

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Just exceptional.

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Chrono Trigger, followed by Earthbound.

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The first Yoshi's Island.

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super donkey

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Final Fantasy V.

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I'm no good at picking favorites, so I'll go ahead and list one of the unusual ones I know of: Eien no Filena/ Eternal Filena.

While it's not without it's own flaws and general strangeness, this game is amazing peculiar. While the re-interpretation of classic JRPG combat by use of weapon skills is interesting, the story is what really makes it stand out. It touches upon a lot of topics and themes no game of the time period would ever bother to touch, and is quite progressive for the time period. Said things are also sadly why it likely never got a localization- I doubt the majority of the game's story would have been met with Nintendo of America's approval.

Weird, obscure, and off-the-wall games are just kinda my thing. WoweeSmug


panel de pon

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