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My favorite time of the year!

What are some of the things you have planned for the month of October?

I think I am going to find a Halloween themed game and try to run it. At least get on the board. Also I want to deck out my apartment and scare the crap out of little children when they come to my door for treats.

Also time to watch Trick R' Treat and the Nightmare before Christmas. Good times.

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We agree with this course of action, and think it will be a good way to spend our October. DatFace

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i hate halloween. dumb american "Holiday" that some idiots had to bring to finland, not like anyone does anything special for halloween here.
though there is one good thing about it and thats stores thinking that the word "halloween" will bring more customers so they lower their prices

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@SioNSioN All Hallows' Eve predates the US. That said, I just don't get the ever-increasing tendency to begin the celebrations for holidays months in advance.

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@hahhah42hahhah42 Money. Holidays move products off shelves.

I'd also rather wait at least until autumn begins...

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It's not even September yet, I don't think of Halloween until like the middle of October

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@QuivicoQuivico That explains why stores do it, not why anyone else does. Last year was the first time I'd ever seen people put up Halloween decorations in August, and it just baffled me.

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@RetroPacmanRetroPacman what happened to We/Us?

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I might try to find a spooky game to run for October, i tried to run RE7 in 2019 but chickened out LUL

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Originally posted by 1
RetroPacman what happened to We/Us?

Humans don't understand so I will use human grammar. Maybe one day humans will understand how to work together.


For all the people who hate holidays being celebrated or prepped early:

I start counting the days to Halloween after Christmas. Also Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years are all Halloween themed for me. Never to early to start prepping for Halloween.


@RetroPacmanRetroPacman you can do quotes by writing:

/ Text goes here /

just replace the curly braces with square brackets

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Never to early to start prepping for Halloween.

*too early also it can be too early for example in august


Here come the grammar Nazis. Children in school for the past 20 years don't learn critical thinking or where on the planet different continents are. But boy do they learn grammar and lots of it. 🙂 Just go online anywhere in the world and your grammar will be critiqued to the letter. It is the only thing these kids know now days.


I know where continents are

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Humans don't understand so I will use human grammar

so you are not a human?

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wow, this guy paid attention in class

ofc, I dropped out of education in elementary because of my big brain 5Head

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Are you sure it's around Halloween because my local Dollar General already las Christmas stuff out. (I'm not joking either)


Your responding to a month old thread