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Hello everyone, I'm just wondering if using an N64 controller that is not original, is allowed to be used for N64 speed games. My N64 controller is from my childhood and is in bad shape; doing precise inputs with it is impossible. I have been looking for a new controller that has a good, tight joystick. The controllers that I have been looking at do not have 'Nintendo' on them. Are these frowned upon in the speedrunning community?


As far as i know the only thing that matters on using a different controller then the original is a turbo mode which some have isnt allowed to use.
You can always ask your community of the game you run if they are ok with it.


That is also what I thought. Thank you for your opinion, I'll ask my games community and go from there!


As far as i know too, Turbo controllers aren't allowed, so as long as it doesn't have a Turbo function it's ok.

Also depending on the game and community, using an adapter to use another controller (example: PS2 controller on Xbox), is SOMETIMES allowed.