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For the speed runs are these people using maps or just memorize the map?
Was just wondering if anyone knew and if map are prohibited from speed run times.
Was thinking about running it but hit my head a few to many times to remember that much without a map to help. . Lol


maybe you should ask this in the sub forum for LoZ



The established Zelda runners just have it memorized. However, there is nothing wrong with using notes and/or maps during a run if you want (at least, not for any game I've heard of; certainly not Zelda).

In fact, they do "randomizer" races for Zelda, where the location of almost everything is randomized, and in that case many of them ¤do¤ use a map. In randomizer, all the secret entrances on the overworld are in the same place, but what they lead to is completely different, so many use a map to take notes. ;-)

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