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if you have 1 to 3 letter names, you're awesome and deserve a medal.

if you have over 1-3 letters, fair enough!

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If you don't count the dots, I have three letters in my name

do we count the dots?

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hi ! o/

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Damn, I should have named myself AL1 like I wanted to...
Im not even super lol.

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thanks @SizzylSizzyl :3

  [user deleted]
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username color and username combo are sick dont change it


@AA letter gang 😛

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@AA @b @cc @d @e @f @g @h @i @j @kk @l @mm @n @oo @p @qq @r @SS @t @üü @v @ww @x @yy @z

I’m not sure why b didn’t tag. There’s a user with that name.

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My name only uses 2 letters. Clearly, I belong here.

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So I noticed that every other @ in my last post is smaller, and only the smaller ones tagged correctly. That’s weird.

Maybe, now that the minimum character count is supposed to be four, it’s counting the space and @ as part of the previous tag? So like, @AA @b is trying to tag someone with the name “a[space]@b”.

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@PearPear I noticed that some time ago, you can't tag 2 users in a row. You need to put the tags in new line, or put a non-space character in between.
For example:
@AA and @bb

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