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I signed out of my account to sign in to my school account to do some homework. When I tried to go back in to my main account, I got the right email, the right password, but it didn't let me in because the captcha wouldn't accept ANY of my answers. Even when i got the right answer, it would just pull up a new one, causing an infinite loop of endless captchas.
I have been trying for about an hour.


Did you try refreshing the page?


Okay, I tried again and now I just can't past the password. This was the same password as last time, at this point I am pretty sure Google is being ridiculous


clear u caches maybe?


Try to clear your cookies and cache, make sure to disable adblocker if enabled or other extensions you've got installed. You could also try to update your Chrome browser if there is an update available.

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I signed in, so please do not make any more replies.